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Tonight is apparently going to be Tokyo’s first snow of the Winter, so I’m rather anxious and fidgety!

The Japanese word for snow is ‘yuki‘, so to celebrate the potential snow I’m going to be taking a look at a Chris Yukine figure! ♡ She’s shipping out from GSC on the 16th January!

Nendoroid Chris Yukine!

The third Nendoroid released equipped with a Symphogear System, ready to sing and fight against the Noise! Her slim build yet ample bust have been faithfully shrunk down into Nendoroid size! <●><●>

*Bounce* *Bounce* ♡ (*´Д`)

You can also see her lovely thighs! What a brilliant outfit! (( -ノェ-)

But there is much more volume to this figure than just her bust!

She also comes with a number of optional parts which can be put together to pose Chris firing the ‘BILLION MAIDEN’ Gatling Cannon!

Also included and perfect for combat scenes…

Just like the previous Nendoroids in the series, a Nendoroid-sized Noise figure is also included to pose with the character!

Other weapon options include the miniature missile launcher, ‘MEGA DETH PARTY’!

Missile parts to pose her firing the missiles from the launcher are also included! ♪

But that’s not all! I think this weapon breaks the size-record for all weapons in the past – the
‘MEGA DETH QUARTET’ missile launcher is also included!!!

The huge missile launcher is included for both her left and right side! (`・ω・´)

As expected of the ‘Large Capacity Gatling Girl’! ★

As she comes with so many huge weapons, a special stand is also included to display them all on!

The normal Nendoroid stand is 6cm x 6cm, but Chris’ is 8cm x 8cm! (The normal size stand is also included if you’d prefer to keep all your Nendoroids on the same size!)

You can actually get a good idea of just how much she comes with by looking at the size of the box she comes in – it’s rather large compared to the normal Nendoroid box size!

Not only is is larger in width…

It’s also longer than the average box! Of course the blister pack inside is just as impressive… and even comes in two layers! (゚A゚;)

In my review of the prototype, Oda-P mentioned this…

(・∀・) “Honestly it was hard to include all these weapons… but we just couldn’t resist!!”

Looking at how large the box ended up becoming… this was definitely no joke! A third season of the anime has also been announced now… so we have a brand new story to look forward to soon!

Saving the best for last… she also comes with parts to recreate the scene where she protects Hibiki and Tsubasa! Her swansong expression as well as the laser cannons from the scene! (`・ω・´)

So many parts, sure to satisfy any fans of the series! (*´▽`*)

Having so many different options to choose from really gets me all excited!! ♪

Plus… although it was hidden at the time of announcement… she also comes with special hand parts that allow her to be posed holding hands with Hibiki and Tsubasa! (`・ω・´)

The three of them look so lovely together! ♡

Nendoroid Chris Yukine!

She is shipping out from GSC from tomorrow!!

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 ( *´ω`) .。0   (Mayoi-chan is also shipping out tomorrow!)

Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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