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I’m looking for a good ways to cut off some excess weight, but whenever I see newly released candy I can’t help but try it… (ノ)・ω・`(ヾ) *nomnom*

But anyway, today we’re going to be taking a look at a product that is shipping out from GSC today…

Nendoroid Colossus Titan & Attack Playset

The unexpected Nendoroid form of the Colossus Titan is finally being released! This is the start of the still flourishing ‘Attack on Titan’ Nendoroid series! ♪

Let’s start off with a look at the packaging!

It’s rather large…!

The Titan peering over from the top of the box was a wonderful addition! ★

Next let’s take a closer look at the blister pack! ♪

As you’d expect from the ‘Playset’ product name, this Nendoroid comes with various extra goodies as well as the Colossus Titan himself!

His stand is made to look like a miniature Shiganshina District!

All of the included parts are not attached to the stand itself, so you really have the freedom to arrange them, or place them absolutely anywhere you like! ♪

Alright then, let’s have the Titan break open the wall quick…

An alternate wall part with the center broken in is included!

The hole allows for all the smaller titans to break into the city, while the little people fight back – with Vertical Maneuvering Devices that include effect parts and all – they really look like they’re flying though the air!


How many of you noticed that the last photo also provided a sneak peak of the secret titan included in the set – the titan that was not seen in any release cuts! He was also mysteriously hidden from the blister pack photo!

You’ll have to wait until your set arrives to check out the full details though! That sneak peek is all I’m giving! ★

Anyway, let’s get back to the Colossus Titan himself!

He definitely has a rather different atmosphere about him when compared to normal Nendoroids… (゚ー゚*)(。_。*)

His arms and legs are much more articulated than normal – almost like a fully posable Nendoroid!

Along with his serious standard expression, he also comes with a chibi expression for more comical scenes… her also looks a little cuter which makes him fit in with other Nendoroids better! ^^;

You can swap between the two different expressions whenever you like!

Poses like this suit the chibi face nicely! ♥

The first time I saw the Nendoroid, I remember thinking… “H-How do I exchange expression parts on this thing?! ((((;゚Д゚))))”.

I’m sure some of you might be thinking the same thing, but it’s easier than you think! The area highlighted in blue here comes off just like the front hair parts of other Nendoroids – it’s just the same as always!

I remember thinking the same thing when I first saw Nendoroid Monokuma as well… when the characters are not human it can sometimes seem rather confusing!

The production team apparently had quite a lot of trouble effectively making the part separable without standing out, but they’ve done a great job! (;・∀・)

I do think the realistic expression is great for the series… but personally the chibi expression is what makes this Nendoroid perfect to me! ♥

Here we have him doing his early morning jogging! It’s cold enough for you to see your breath now!!

Just one quick note… this is the Colossus Titan, but he is the same size as any other Nendoroid – don’t expect anything enormous! (;´∀`)

Although posing other Nendoroids together with him and the playset make it look as if they’re grown to huge sizes! Colossus Mikudayo!

I look forward to displaying Mikasa and Eren together with him!

Nendoroid Colossus Titan & Attack Playset

He’s shipping out from GSC today!

Also shipping out this week is Picktam!: Attack on Titan! ★

High quality trading rubber accessories with alternate expressions to enjoy!

Details on swapping parts can be found here:
Swapping Parts on the Picktam!: Attack on Titan Straps

I took a closer look at them in a previous article too, which you can find here:

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