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Today I bring you one of three different blogs all featuring IDOLM@STER!!
You can find the other two here, but unfortunately in Japanese only!

· figma Blog: http://ameblo.jp/figma/
· Phat! Company Staff Blog: http://ameblo.jp/phatcompany/

I’ll be taking a close look at a set of adorable idols…
Nendoroid Petite: THE IDOLM@STER 2
Million Dreams Ver. – Stage 02 ♡

(*The stage is my own personal item and isn’t included!)

The popular Nendoroid Petites from ‘THE IDOLM@STER 2’ are back again, this time featuring the idols in their ‘Million Dreams’ outfits! This second set includes another seven idols to add to your collection, including Miki Hoshii, Iori Minase, Yukiho Hagiwara, Azusa Miura, Ami Futami, Hibiki Ganaha and Kotori Otonashi. The alternate colored outfits will help you produce your cutest concert ever!

The second set has arrived! (`・ω・´)

In the original stage two the secret character was Kotori-chan, and she is of course included in the Million Dreams set too! ♥

This is how they look from the back! ♪

Let’s take a closer look at them one-by-one! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

– Kotori Otonashi –

The beautiful office worker of 765 Pro! Definitely an idol at heart though!

The gap of skin between her stockings and skirt is beautiful and the tight skirt itself suits her very nicely! ♪

– Hibiki Ganaha –

The cheerful girl from the South who believes everything’ll all work out even in the toughest of times!

The super energetic animal loving idol! Her ponytail is fitted with a ball joint for some extra posing options! The two strands of hair sticking out from her head are also faithfully included! ♪

– Yukiho Hagiwara –

Often seen cowering away the corner, but definitely still stands out as a true idol!

The kind of idol that everyone falls in love with as they want to protect her! ♡ Her cowardly, crybaby personality is what makes her special! She’s also doesn’t do well with dogs… just like me! ^^;

– Futami Ami –

One step ahead in the battle between twins!
The Futami twin who’s almost too cute!

Following on from Mami-chan in stage one comes Ami-chan in stage two!♥ Her outfit is the same as Mami’s, except for the necklace which features a star on Ami! I love displaying twins together with each other!

– Miki Hoshii –

The cute little devil who let’s her amazing talent go to waste!

Even as a Nendoroid Petite she has a rather sexy look! Her stomach area shows off so much skin! (*ノェノ)

– Azusa Miura –

The idol with a smile and body that can calm anyone down!

Any girl that looks good with shortcut hair always looks beautiful in my books! The gentle and calm Azusa-san has many fans here in the GSC offices! I want her to keep me company 24/7! (`・ω・´)

– Iori Minase –

Making her angry can become a habit… the cute but selfish princess!

The cute little devil with a haughty and selfish side! I love both sides of her personality though! ♥ She’s also a character with a rather large forehead… quite rare in the figure world!

Let’s display them together with the girls from Stage 01! (*・ω・)人(・ω・*)

All together they take up quite an impressive amount of space…! Just with these two sets I feel my desk has become a brighter place… not to mention a more relaxing workspace! (*´Д`)

But today I’m going to focus a little more on two of these characters…!

Chihaya Kisaragi and Iori Minase!

Both will have new figures announced tomorrow!

These are by Max Factory and Phat! Company respectively! ♥

First up we have figma Chihaya Kisaragi ☆

This expression has already been revealed… I look forward to seeing what other expressions she comes with! She’s so cute!!

I hope this means we can expect the other characters as figmas too!

Plus the… 1/8th Scale Iori Minase! ☆

The second figure to be based off the BD/DVD illustrations from the IDOLM@STER anime! This product photo is amazing… it really makes you think you can see them but you really can’t! :P The lovely floating pose also looks great… I want to take a look at her from all sorts of angles! |д゚)

That means there are three IDOLM@STER products being going up for preorder tomorrow! ♪ All the producers out there are in for a treat!

Nendoroid Petite: THE IDOLM@STER 2
Million Dreams Ver. – Stage 02
as well as…

figma Chihaya Kisaragi and Iori Minase will be up for preorder tomorrow!

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Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!
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