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I’ve always felt a little attracted to the Kansai dialect, but even after 4 years of studying in Kansai I was never able to pick it up myself. (;゙゚’ω゚’)

Today we’ll be taking a look at a pure yet powerful character with a Kansai dialect…

Nendoroid Hayate Yagami: Unison Edition!

This means all three of the trio are finally together!!

What a beautiful sight!

Be sure to display her together with Nendoroid Nanoha Takamachi : Exelion Mode Edition and Nendoroid Fate Testarossa: Blaze Form Edition!

This is how the packaging looks!

You can really see the size of her hat from this angle! Hayate is a fully-articulated Nendoroid, meaning she doesn’t come with all that many alternate hand and leg parts, but she can still take alls sorts of poses! The wings on her back can be attached and removed whenever you like! (。・ω・)ノ゙

The connector is a ball-joint allowing them to be posed at just the right angle for your poses!

Here is just one example of her wings!

She also comes with her human-form unison device: ‘Reinforce’!

She’s tiny, but her outfit has been faithfully recreated! Her head also has a ball joint for a little bit of posability!

Reinforce’s stand can also be used to instead hold the closed version of the Tome of the Night Sky!

Plus don’t forget that her hat is removable!

The back hair parts and hat have magnets inside them to ensure the hat stays on neatly! She also comes with a chanting expression! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

This expression together with the open Tome of the Night Sky to recreate this famous scene from the movie!

Plus just like Nanoha and Fate, she comes with a special Nendoroid stand featuring a magic circle! Her intelligent device ‘Schwertkreuz’ is also just as amazing as the rest of the figure!

The shouting expression combined with Schwertkreuz makes for some powerful combat scenes!

Serious combat poses like this are definitely a lot of fun, but let’s try out an expression from Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga for a more relaxed look!

Aww… she looks so gentle and happy!! ♡

Sorry for the long wait everyone, the third and last of the trio is finally here! ☆
Nendoroid Hayate Yagami: Unison Edition!

She shipped out from GSC on the 8th October, and should be on sale soon!!

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As the second part of today’s blog I want to take a look at the goods that will be on sale at Machi Asobi this weekend! First up we have all sorts of goodies from the Character Goods Series! ♪

The Racing Miku goods are exclusive to the racing venues and events, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab them! This year’s Racing Miku is so cute with her crown!! ε=(。・д・。)

The Nendoroid attachment parts Nendoroid More: Clip Stands 1.5
and Nendoroid More: Suction Stands 1.5 will also be available! (`・ω・´)

Remember that you can transform the Nendoroid More stands to work with figmas with a screwdriver and quick switch! This GSC lab blog explains this so if you’re interested take a look – http://ameblo.jp/blog-shinsotsu2012/entry-11461553275.html (Japanese)

Plus we also have various wooser goods scheduled to be on sale at the event!

Even galaxxxy’s collaboration project with wooser, the adorable wooser hoodies will be on sale! There were really impossible to get hold of not so long ago!! It’s the perfect thing to wear when taking a photo together with wooser!

I want one myself so I hope they don’t sell out too fast!

But that’s not all! Little Witch Academia Goods will also be on sale! The same studio who made this also worked on the series currently airing, Kill la KillStudio TRIGGER!

If you’re enjoying Kill la Kill be sure to take a look at Little Witch Academia too! You’re sure to enjoy it!

There are even some goods from the series with a complete broadcast on NicoNico Live on the 1st November: Senyuu.! More details about the complete broadcast can be found here!

You’ll get to watch both season one and two back-to-back!! (*´▽`*)”

Today is also the first airing of Arpeggio of Blue Steel in the Kantou area! (・∀・)!

Tune into TOKYOMX today at 22:00JST!

It already aired on MBS so those in Kansai have probably already seen it! If you can’t watch it on TV then you can also find it on NicoNico, so don’t stress too much! :http://ch.nicovideo.jp/aokihagane

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I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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