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Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today I’m going to take a look at a Nendoroid with expressions that are sure to get everyone exited… even on a Monday!

Nendoroid Kuroki Tomoko!

From the anime series that many unpopular women relate to, ‘Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!” comes a Nendoroid of the main character, Kuroki Tomoko! Pose her in many of your favorite scenes from the series such as the famous panty tearing scene, or instead holding her Handy Massage Machine and ‘Nude Butlers’ in each hand. Her unique expressions are also included for even more effect! Mokocchi hopes you’ll give her loads of attention in Nendoroid size!

Mokocchii!! ♡♡

Every time I watch an episode of this series I remember some of the darker times of my school years…

The main character from ‘Watamote’ is joining the Nendoroids, and she also comes with her headphones to ensure she can keep calm when need be!

Her school bag is also included!

Both the headphones and school bag can be removed!

The flaps in her skirt are really well done!! (`・ω・´)

Mokocchi’s bent legs are shrunk down into Nendoroid-size in such a way that they keep her awkward posture perfectly!

If you’re a fan of the series you should also know that the November issue of Nyan-TYPE is a Watamote special, so don’t miss out!

A quick page-through reveals a lovely big pin-up!!

Easily one of the most entertaining I’ve seen in ages!

But anyway… it’s time to move onto the highlights of the figure…. her incredible expression parts!! ♪

Here we go…!!

An expression to recreate the scene where she rips apart the panties she bought with Yuu-chan in episode 4: “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Have a Good Dream”

The manga conveyed her insanity super well, but seeing it in motion in the anime took it to a whole new level! She also comes with a separate font hair part to use with this expression! ♪

Putting the ruffled hair on the standard expression is also cute! It gives her hair a messier look which no one can say doesn’t suit her! The mad expression did cause quite a few discussions to arise here in the offices though…
(discussions like “can we really take it this far…?” ^^;)

But while the Nendoroid was being supervised by the original authors known as ‘Niko Tanigawa’, he had this to say: “It’s amazing how she still looks cute in Nendoroid size even with the twisted expression…”

We couldn’t ask for a nicer comment from the original author!! Thank you!!

The panties can also be swapped out for this other part!

The paper reads ‘Riajyuu’, which refers to people who are living an ideal and enjoyable life in reality… this shows Mokocchi’s envy toward all those people!

She looks even more mad with both eyes visible!

The main planner of this figure was none other than the sole player of the GSC offices… me!! (`・ω・´;)

The expression gives off a feeling of loss and can also be used to recreate the Mokocchi running around in the final episode. There are various different possibilities for it! But there are still another parts for me to show everyone…!

The Handy Massage Machine and “Naked Butlers” game!! ♡

Together with this satisfied looking expression you can recreate Mokocchi’s night of relaxation!

I don’t think we can ever expect to see an optional part like this be included with any other Nendoroids… Mokocchi allowed for some really unique parts!

Note that the Handy Massage Machine isn’t a toy! Be sure to read the handing instructions carefully before use! (`・ω・´;)キリッ

If you pose her with both arms up and the same expression, it has a bit of a psychotic look! As if she’s ready to pounce on Yuu-chan’s well-endowed body!!

This could even make for some poses similar to those W**dy is known for…

A Nendoroid wanting to be loved by both loners and socialites alike!

Nendoroid Kuroki Tomoko!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 3rd October! ♪

The first volume of the Blu-ray will be on sale on the 2nd October, so don’t miss out on that either!! Details can be found on the Official Site

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