The product name is too long to fit on one line…!

It must be one of the longest Nendoroid names yet…!!

But just like the name, the product itself is packed with volume – all of which I’ll be taking a look at today!!

The magazine you can see lying here is the ‘Figure Ou’ agazine that went on sale last month! Along with a number of lovely photos of the Nendoroid it also features an interview with Enon from the planning team! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 42:
Hero’s Edition + Hall of Armor Set

From the much-awaited sequel in the Iron Man movie series ‘Iron Man 3’ comes a Nendoroid of the Iron Man Mark 42 Suit! The design has changed considerably compared to the previously released Mark 7, but is once again fully articulated allowing for epic poses that still look adorable in Nendoroid size! All the elaborate details of the Mark 42 have been faithfully sculpted and painted to make a Nendoroid that fans will be proud to display!

Along with the Nendoroid itself, a miniature ‘Hall of Armor’ is also included which features the Mark 1 through Mark 7 suits all lined up, and also acts as a display stand! Various other optional parts are also included to help you recreate your favorite scenes from the movie!

There are easily enough parts for this to be considered two complete Nendoroids! Σ(゚Д゚;)

Any fans of the Iron Man series are surely dancing with excitement after seeing this incredible dioramic stand!! It’s so amazingly detailed that I almost can’t believe it’s just the stand! I’ll be taking a closer look at the Hall of Armor shortly!!

This is how he looks from the back!

The previously released Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7 was the 7th suit, while this one is the 42nd! He looks rather cute in the Nendoroid format, but all the intricate details you can see also preserve his cooler side as well! Plus just like the Mark 7, he is also a part of the fully articulated ‘Edition Series’ of Nendoroids! (・ω・)ノ

As a side note, I just found out that the number 42 is the “answer to life the universe and everything”. Kevin from the web team told me to type that into Google and I was rather surprised when a calculator came up with ’42’ as the answer!

The Hall of Armor is incredible!!

This special ‘Hall of Armor’ stand is included with the Nendoroid and features the Mark 1 through to Mark 7 suits all stored away! Plus each of the suits has the chibi Nendoroid design!! It’s super cute! I really think this is one of the highlights of this Nendoroid so let’s take an even closer look!! (`・ω・´)

The sculpting and paintwork differs on each of them!

Each of the suits have all been turned into miniature Nendoroids!! The shape and coloring is different between each of them as well! (((゚Д゚)))

This will cause production and painting in the factories to be a headache for sure, but you can really feel the love that was put into making this product when you see this level of devotion!! I said earlier that this could be considered to include two complete Nendoroids worth of parts… but looking at this I guess it’s actually eight complete Nendoroids worth! :P

Mark 42, Suit Up!

The famous scene from the movie where Tony puts on the Mark 42!
What an epic pose!! Σ(゚∀゚ )

After jumping up in the air to attach the face plate, he flips down into this pose with one hand punching down onto the ground – that punching hand is of course included! This pose was probably quite a hurdle for a Nendoroid, but it’s come out looking amazing!

Let’s have a look from another angle!

Figures allow you to take your favorite scenes from the movie and keep them right beside you to enjoy whenever you like! The Hall of Armor in the background helps to achieve this even more, as it really helps you to remember the scene perfectly!

Effect parts are included too!

Special transparent effect parts to display him soaring through the air with his boosters are included! You can also just attach the hand boosters to display him in a combat scene instead – The various parts together with the full articulation allows for an endless number of options! ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ

The mask can be opened and closed!

Just like the Mark 7, the mask can open up to reveal Tony Stark’s face! This was one of the biggest highlights of the previous Iron Man Nendoroid, so it had to be included once again!

Although I think even more than the opening and closing of the mask, Tony Stark’s face plate was the biggest highlight of all…

And it’s included again this time around!

You can display Tony Stark with the helmet complete removed, showing off his handsome face!! The hairstyle looks perfect!! xD

I think the expression this time around has a bit more of an uneasy feeling to it when compared with the previous one! A lovely addition indeed!

Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 42:
Hero’s Edition + Hall of Armor Set

He’ll be up for preorder from the 25th July 2013!
Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛