So many Alices looking out at the Skytree!! (*゚∀゚)

She isn’t using magic to float in the air here, this is actually a test of the Nendoroid More: Suction Stands 1.5!

The 1.5 Nendoroid More stands were announced on the GSC site the other day, and here you can see they are being tested to ensure they can stick reliably without ever falling down and injuring your precious Nendoroids! The 1.5 versions not only feature new colors, but also a slightly larger suction cup which is designed to stick even better than before!

But the Nendoroid More series is going to be much more than just display tools! These new parts are coming soon which will make playing with Nendoroids a whole lot more fun to play with!
Nendoroid More: After Parts 01!

Nendoroid More: After Parts 02!

The Nendoroid More series is expanding with a new addition to the series called ‘After Parts’! The first set of parts includes cosplay parts to transform your favorite Nendoroid into either a devil or an angel, three different musical notes, a sun, moon and two star parts!

The second set of parts includes parts to dress up your favorite Nendoroid in a cat or bunny costume, two cats and three butterflies! A special 60mm x 120mm stand is also included with both sets, allowing you more than enough space to display your favorite Nendoroid in a cuter way than ever before!

This time Nendoroid More brings us two complete sets of extra parts to display with your Nendoroids!

Not to mention that included with the parts are ‘cosplay’ parts that let you take any one of your Nendoroids and dress them up in a lovely new outfit!! You can have your favorite character dress up as an angel, devil, cat or bunny girl!
Nendoroid Alice Kuonji!

Alice has just recently been shipped out from GSC on the 13th June, so she should be available in stores now! Today she’ll be our model for the After Parts!
From Set #1: Angel wings, a halo and a moon!
Alice has become a true angel!!

Well, what do you think? Doesn’t she make a lovely angel?! Σ(゚Д゚;)

Alice-san is without a doubt a character that I consider to be my very own little angel, so this looks lovely to me! But you can attach these parts to any Nendoroid you like – any character can become your own little angel to sit by your side and watch over you!
This is how she looks from the back!

The angel wings attach onto the arm of the display stand – the same goes for the devil wings, but there is one important thing to note here!
Arm-type stands that do not separate at the connection point are not compatible!

Alice did not actually come with one of these stands, but I borrowed one from another Nendoroid as I wanted to turn her into my little angel no matter what!

The compatible kind of stand is included with Miku 2.0, Sakura Miku and a number of other Nendoroids – take a look through your collection to ensure you have one!

The angel’s halo attaches using a transparent plastic panel that is placed between the hair parts, like an invisible Alice band!

The same goes for the horns and ears that I’ll be showing a little bit later, and of course that invisible Alice band part is included in the set!
The devil Alice-san is also adorable!

I’m sure we have had something similar to angel wings included with Nendoroids in the past, but I’m sure this is the first time we’ve had more sinister looking parts like these! It’s so much fun to see the how different the characters look when you change them into angels or devils!

As for the devil’s fork Alice-san is holding – any character that has hand parts for holding swords or other weapons will be able to hold it easily – Alice didn’t come with any such hand parts, so I got some double sided tape and connected it on that way… I wanted to turn her into my little devil no matter what!
From Set #2: White bunny cosplay!

The second set comes with both bunny and cat cosplay outfits for you to enjoy! Not to mention that both black and white version are included giving you so much variety! Note that the bunny tail needs to be connected with something like double-sided tape!
From Set #2: Black cat cosplay & two cats!

I somehow get the feeling that absolutely any TYPE-MOON characters will look good with the black cat parts! (`・ω・´)

The ears connect with the invisible Alice band I spoke about earlier, while the hand parts simply swap out like any other hand parts! The long tail also comes with a transparent part that attaches into the skirt, but unfortunately it wasn’t compatible with Alice-san, so I went for the double-sided tape method!

Plus there are two cute kitties included with set #2!! (=゚ω゚=)

They have such innocent looking expressions!!
From Set #2: White cat cosplay and three butterflies!

When you want to display your Nendoroid with a bit of an outdoorsy feel, I strongly recommend these parts! Plus if you use the really long rods included with set #1, you can place the butterflies at varying different heights!

Alice-san looks like she’s trying to catch the butterflies… little does she know that I am about to catch her!! (*゜∀゜)=3

Nendoroid More: After Parts 01!

Nendoroid More: After Parts 02!

They’ll be up for preorder soon!!
Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛