Shuu-chan has transformed into Kyouma Hououin!

There can only be one reason for this! The prototype of one of the figures he was in charge of must have been completed! A figure that was announced nearly two years ago during the live broadcast at Tokyo Tower!

Everything is decided by Steins;Gate, and mankind have no way to oppose it so we simply had to wait this long, but the much-awaited Nendoroid is finally here! El psy congroo!
From ‘Steins;Gate’:
Nendoroid Faris Nyannyan!

The ‘hypothetical science adventure’ game Steins;Gate has just recently had a sequel and movie version released, and from that series comes a Nendoroid of lab member number 007 – Faris Nyannyan!

Alternate parts are included allowing you to pose her in her trademark ‘Nyannyan’ pose! The adorable Faris is hoping you’ll play with her as much as possible! ♪

“Faris-tan is so cute!!” (To be read in Tomokazu Seki’s voice)

She’s wearing the super cute uniform from the maid cafe, ‘May Queen Nyan-nyan 2’!! Even in Nendoroid size, all the little details of huke’s original illustration are faithfully kept! Just look at the belt around her waist or the zig-zag red lines on the edges of her sleeves!

It’s a perfect Nendoroid rendition of the original design! ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ
This is how she looks from the back!

One of Faris’ most important features is definitely her twirly twin-tails, and the sculptwork on them is magnificent! Each of the indents and twirls are sculpted in such a way that the shadows fall in just the right places creating such a lovely twirl effect! Of course her cat ears are also attached!
Moving onto the optional parts…
A winking face and silver tray!

I’m sure many of you who have played the game will recognise this expression very quickly! It was often seen when Faris spoke with you in the game!

Faris is known to be a zealous worker at the maid café, so a silver tray is included to display her hard at work as a Nendoroid! A special left arm to hold the tray is also included to create the lovely pose above!
“The world is in trouble” omelette rice!

The famous dish that arrived when Daru and Okarin visited the maid café!! It’s such a tiny optional part, but you can still make out the writing perfectly!!

This pose makes use of the bent right arm part to display Faris dropping off the dish at someone’s table! “Enjoy your meal before the world ends ♪”
“Rai-Net Access Battlers”!

If you’ve played the game or watched the anime you’ll know just how good Faris is at this game!! (`・ω・´)

The tiny Nendoroid-sized cards come in both a stack to hold in her left hand and a single card to hold out and play in her right hand! It’s hard to decide whether to display her at work as a maid or instead enjoying a game of Rai-Net Access Battlers!! I want to display both!
A smug expression with hands on her hips!

This particular pose is a scene from the ‘Rai-Net Access Battlers’ tournament! She looks so chuffed and cute in this pose!

Both left and right bent arms are included, and her puff-sleeves come in both a normal version and an open version – the ones in this photo are the open version!
“Welcome home, master! ♪”

The adorable pose when Faris and Mayushii welcome Okarin to the maid café!!
I want to go to May Queen Nyan-nyan 2 myself and be greeted like this!!!

Just a quick swap of her arm parts and she is instantly in her famous ‘Nyannyan’ pose! Just swapping around shoulders and arms can create so many different poses! Challenge yourself to find the cutest possible Faris-chan! ^^
And to celebrate Faris-tan’s announcement…
Nendoroid Kurisu Makise is being rereleased!

Those who missed out on her the first time, or those who have only recently become fans of the series, don’t miss out on your change to grab Christina this time! Her embarrassed expression is really something else! You can’t help but shout out about how cute it is!!

Shuu-chan actually has a replica of Okarin’s cellphone! It was one of the items included in the ‘Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram’ limited edition box and it’s really well made! Areas such as the camera look just like the real thing, and the battery can even be removed!! I was super impressed!!
Bonus!! (*゚∀゚)=3

Christiiiina in a maid outfit!!

Using Faris’ body you can recreate the scene from ‘Darling of Loving Vows’ where Christina wears a maid outfit!

I know you may be thinking that the two girls have far too different bodies to swap them like this… but according to Shuu-chan their busts are only 1cm difference in size! :P
From ‘Steins;Gate’:
Nendoroid Faris Nyannyan!
Nendoroid Kurisu Makise (Rerelease)

They’ll both be up for preorder from tomorrow!!
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Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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