One third of May has already flown by!

How can time go by so quickly?! (((゚Д゚)))

But this year has been strangely cold… it seems that Spring hasn’t really come yet! I hope the colder temperature continue into the Summer, so it doesn’t get too hot! Anyway, today will be the final post in this series…

Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner: Cherry Blossom Season 2013!

I hear that there are still some blossoms blooming in Hokkaido, but I had to get this post done this week, so I’m sorry if you didn’t get the chance to send through your photos!!

I will still happily look through all photos that come through, and I’m always looking for letters for the normal letter corner, so feel free to still send them through!

I kept putting off taking photos because of work or the weather, and before I knew it all the blossoms in my neighbourhood has started falling. I decided I still needed a photo and drove for about two hours to get some pictures of Miku with the cherry blossoms!

Miku sitting under the cherry blossoms having a little nap!

– Tsuukun

I went out to view the cherry blossoms with a Nendoroid for the first time! I went alone, so it was hard to get the photos I really wanted. I finally got this, which I’ve now set as my desktop’s wallpaper!

– Shirokuro Neko


This year there weren’t many branches which lead to not many cherry blossoms, but I decided to still send in my picture of Cheerful Miku basking in the light of the sunset.

– Rikachama

I’ve been waiting to go to to my local park to get some photos while the cherry blossoms were in full bloom… but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. But eventually there was a nice sunny day for me to grab some pictures! I think it came out looking quite cute! (´ω`)

– Shinonome Eisuke

I decided to match the blossoms with the size of the Nendoroids, so I found some young branches near the bottom of a cherry tree! They may be small, but they still had lovely blossoms flowering! (´∀`)

“I hope you’re drinking, Sanada Yukimura~!!”
“I can still go on much longer, Masamune-dono!

It seems this little cherry blossom viewing party will continue for some time!

– Kuraki

Last year I really enjoyed viewing everyone’s loving photos during the cherry blossom season, so I decided I had to go out and get some for myself this year. I’m really not great with a camera, but I thought I’d still send through my favorite photo from the ones I took. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

This was the first time I had ever taken Miku outside, and her expression seemed happier than ever before!

– Elixir


Hello! Today I went out to the local park with some friends to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately it was rather cloudy, but the blossoms were in full bloom so it was still great! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

– LQ (China, Shanghai)

I took a picture for the cherry blossom season photos, so here it is!

“I’m so glad I met you…”

– Jim no Hito

Am I still in time for the cherry blossom photos?
– I_D_R_


Bonjour Mikatan,
J’ai adoré les photos dans les articles du courrier de Kuroyagi-san.
Hier le soleil est enfin revenu à Paris. Je me permet de t”envoyer

quelques photos prise ce weekend.
J’espère que certains te plairont.
Bonne continuation ^_^

– Ting

It seems Gackpo went out to see the cherry blossoms.

“They had all fallen down to the ground after being knocked down by birds… but they were still so pretty so I brought them back with me! ♪ I’m also sure they’ll look great on you, Luka!♪”
“Oh, thank you! ♪”

Was the conversation he had with Luka when he got home.

Sorry, I was only able to get a photo indoors! I love letting Nendoroids hold the blossoms or sticking them on with double-sided tape… but going outdoors for photos is still a hurdle I haven’t quite managed to get over! orz.

– Anonymous

This is my first contribution, so I’m a little nervous. While the blossoms on the way to school were blooming, I took Sakura Miku with me to enjoy them! She’s so cute! ヾ(*゚▽゚)ノ

Here in Beijing, this year’s blossoms bloomed slower when compared to last year. I read you were still taking a few more contributions for Part 3, so I decided to send in my photo too! I’m sorry for the poor Japanese, but I hope you enjoy the photos! m(_ _)m

It’s the Two-Leek Swordsman and the Sakura Wizard? :P

It’s really sad that the cherry blossom season is so short, but perhaps that is why they look so beautiful to us when they do bloom!

– Sywinty


Hello Mikatan!! I’m sorry for my bad Japanese, I can’t speak it….(www) I took some pictures of Madoka in the English cherry blossoms, I hope you like them!

From an English fan of yours!

(I’m really happy I found your blog, it is so much fun to read and it’s nice to see another girl interested in figures! I’m also SUPER HAPPY about the Dangan Ronpa figures that are being released!!!! I love Dangan Ronpa a lot a lottt!!)
– Anonymous

I enjoying reading your blog every day! I went down to the park with Sakura Miku to view the cherry blossoms!

– Urufu


I’ll be sending my photo through once again this year! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

This was taken early on a cold morning, my hands were so cold they were numb! It has also just been raining, so the blossoms were unfortunately facing a bit downward… (´・ω・`)

– Akaisuzu

I really wanted to take photos at Takato Castle Park for the special Takato cherry blossoms there, but when I went the famous blossoms had already passed, so I took some pictures with some other blossoms instead.

– Azukyatto


I went out with my figma Kyouko on an early morning cherry blossom viewing! I grabbed some photos with my iPhone!

The morning light together with cherry blossoms looks great. I really want to take my figures out to even more places now!

– Katakiri Saeika

There were so many lovely photos in this year’s cherry blossom photos!♪
I didn’t find any Nendoroid Petites with the cherry blossoms in part one or two, so I decided to send one of my own!

Because they’re so small, the cherry blossoms are super big and easy to take pictures of! (`・ω・´)

– Luka

Spring has finally come to the town I live in! I took my Sakura Miku out on a cherry blossom tour and some outdoor photos. She looks so cute in the shadow of the cherry trees! (*´ω`*)

– Nanashi no JK

Whenever I read your blog I always thought to myself that I should get a digital camera. I finally grabbed one and took some photos at the riverbed near my home.

You can see that Octo-Luka was really enjoying the beauty of the scenery! > v <

– uepon

A photo contribution from Hong Kong!
Last week I visited Japan and took a load of photos! This is at Nagoya Castle!(≧∇≦)

– ZephyrJK

I made a Nendoroid Lyfa-chan and went out to view the cherry blossoms with her.

The weather wasn’t great with a fairly strong wind, but the flowers will still blooming beautifully!

– Anonymous


The rain had caused all the cherry blossoms to fall to the ground, which I thought looked really pretty. They guided Madoka to the ‘Law of Cycles’.

– Yakumo


Hello Mikatan-san!
There are cherry blossoms in France too!!

– Maritan.

(Maritan is the French translator of Mikatan Blog! She’s also super cute! :P)


I went to see the Takizakura cherry blossoms, so I thought I’d send a photo through to you.

This year’s cherry blossoms bloomed in no time at all, and it feels as if they also scattered to the floor in no time at all. At least, that’s how it felt in Tokyo…. I wonder if it was the same all over…?

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are thinking something like, “It was too quick, I didn’t even have time to see them!”

I thought I’d share this photo of a proud figure in front of some beautiful blooming blossoms for all those people.

– Komuragaeri Banzai

I went cherry blossom viewing with Sakura Miku, so I thought I’d send a photo through.

The photo was taken on the 21st April, it was the best time to see the blossoms in Miyagi prefecture even though it looked as if was about to snow. Even Sakura Miku was quite amazed at the scenery she saw!

(I’m sorry she had to get a little wet to see it though…)

– Akewata


This year I have once again ventured out alone to take some photos with the cherry blossoms! Last year I took photos with Millhi, so this time around I decided it was Ricotta and Sakura Miku’s turn!

– Broad Blast

I was wandering why no one ever did something different from the rest, when finally I decided I’d have to just make something myself!

I apologise if it’s a bit too far from the point of the cherry blossom photos!

– Molly


A huge low pressure system hit my area, so I was never quite able to get the cherry blossom photos I wanted.

I was very happy to see all the photos from others though, they meant a lot to me. Even though I never got quite what I wanted, I still got something that I thought was nice enough to send through, so here it is!

I took it in the image of Homuhomu thinking deeply about Madoka, while standing under the cherry blossoms.

I also have to add that I’m really amazed at how people manage to take photos that hide the Nendoroid stands so well. It’s a lot of work to get great outdoor photos, but so many are absolutely amazing!

– D_yashi

I went cherry blossom viewing with Sakura Miku. They were already starting to fall when I arrived, so I borrowed one of the fallen blossoms.

– Uni

I carefully put Miku-san up onto a branch making sure not to injure the tree. Every time there was a slight breeze she kept making a cute ‘Kya!” and falling down. Eventually I managed to catch her in a cute pose though!

The photo is taken with the theme of “A New Semester”.

– Marimoru

I just got my hands on Wakana, and even though the blossoms were already falling I managed to find quite a nice spot for a photo. I decided I’d send it in to this year’s cherry blossom photo collection!

– Meganekirari

Hope i can visit Japan again someday with Sakura Miku

– JF

The cherry blossoms have already all fallen here, so I decided to send through some photos of the blooming moss phlox instead. Gumako is nice and light so she doesn’t hurt the pretty flowers when she sits in them!

– Under B


Today I’ll be showing the cherry blossoms from my hometown of Tomioka in Fukushima prefecture. As I’ve previously written in my Miku support message back in 2011, my hometown was marked as a hazard area after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Reactor incident.

It’s been two years since the incident now, and slowly but surely the area is getting back to normal, but entry is still very limited at the moment. My hometown of Tomioka was actually once very famous for its cherry blossoms before the incident, and many tourists would come by to see them. Ever since I first heard Sakura Miku was going on sale last year, I’ve been keen to go back to take some photos of Tomioka’s cherry blossoms with her.

In March this year, the restrictions to entry were loosened even further, and permission to enter some of the area in which the cherry blossoms bloom was allowed. I was a little worried to go, but I couldn’t resist, so I went with my Sakura Miku for some photos. The area I really wanted to take photos at is called the ‘Cherry Blossom tunnel’, but unfortunately the radiation levels were high and I could only see it from my car – I still had to take some photos elsewhere though.

I’m very glad I was able to show Sakura Miku the cherry blossoms of my hometown. The complete restoration of the area may still be awhile away, but I’m sure that by next year we’ll be able to see the cherry blossoms properly once again. Another big thank you to both Mikatan and Good Smile Company for all you’ve done!

– Zero


That brings this year’s ‘Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner: Cherry Blossom Season’ to an end! (=゚ω゚)ノ

(´∀`) Thank you for all the lovely photos! I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to put them all up on the blog! I’m so glad to see how many people are enjoying the cherry blossoms with their figures! Cherry blossoms really are so lovely!

(´∀`) I increased the brightness of some of the darker photos!

(´∀`) I really got the impression that everyone was trying hard not to hurt nature with their photos. It’s always best to be gentle with your figures and with nature!

(´∀`) There was a load of messages from overseas! Thanks to all the international fans!!

(´∀`) I’m always encouraged by my readers. When I see the figures we’ve spent a good half a year working on being enjoyed by people all over, I really feel happy inside! huge thank you yo everyone, and I hope you’ll continue to love figures with me!

As always, I’m also looking for more messages from readers! I promise I’ll read them all, so if you have any questions, pictures, requests, or just want to talk about what you had for dinner… send through a mail! Boys and girls both welcome!

Mikatan Mail

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛