The cherry blossoms have all fallen here in Oshiage now…
But that doesn’t matter… I can just view the cherry blossoms through everyone’s photos instead!

Today we’ll be continuing with yesterday’s post…

Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner: Cherry Blossom Season!

There really were a load of Sakura Miku photos… which I guess is to be expected seen Spring matched up so nicely with her release date. I suppose receiving so many photos of her shows just how much people wanted a full-sized Nendoroid after the charm was first released!

Unfortunately I really can’t put all the photos I received up on the blog, but I promise I have looked at each and every one of them! Please continue to send more beautiful photos through in the future!

This year in Kyoto the weather hasn’t really been the best for cherry blossom viewing, but this morning there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the flowers all looked lovely!

This photo was taken close to Togetsu bridge in Arashiyama. Miku is enjoying a little lunch under the blossoms!

This is actually the first time I’ve been out with a Nendoroid, and the scenery I’m normally so used to seemed more interesting from a Nendoroid’s point of view! It was a lot of fun!

Last week it rained quite hard and all the blossoms have fallen from the trees now, so the photo also became a nice memory of the blossoms!

– Sorawo

I heard the Sakura Photo Festival is taking place again this year, so I had to send my photo through! It’s the first time I’ve sent anything through, so I’m a little nervous! :P

– Saki 39


I’ve taken many photos of Nendoroid in the past, but this is the first time I’ve sent anything through to you.

The photo is taken on a river bank in Kamogawa: fallen cherry blossom petals, clovers and Miku-san!

I had to sit really low with my legs to the side to try and line up the camera with Miku’s eyes! It was harder than you’d think! In the end it was worth it though, the pink Sakura Miku contrasts so nicely with the green background from the clovers for a really cute picture!

– Kyou no Akutsukai

The cherry blossom season has come once again! (´▽`)ノ

The blossoms really don’t last very long, so as soon as I see them start blooming I always head out with my Nendoroids and camera as soon as possible! I’m really not a very outgoing person, especially seen I suffer from allergies in Spring… but when it comes to Nendoroids I’m happy to become more active! (*´ω`)

Mikatan, Good Smile – thanks for everything!!

– Sayuu

I’m a member of the Nendoroid girl’s club!!

Sakura Miku was just too cute to not take out for some outdoor photos!
The weather wasn’t great, which make the photography harder than usual, but I still had a load of fun! ♪(つ∀`*)

– Sara

I’ve been meaning to contribute a photo every year, but this is the first time I’ve actually done so!

I’ve never done outdoor photography before, so I took great care to make sure I didn’t drop or dirty my Nendoroids. The setting here is to have me as the master of the house, the Nendoroids are busy sweeping up the cherry blossoms!

I’m looking forward to more and more lovely Nendoroids in the future!

– Great Yoshino!

The blossoms have just started blooming here in Tottori prefecture, so I went out to view the blossoms with my Sakura Miku! (*´∀`*)

While I was walking through the park I spotted a branch at just the right height for me, so Sakura Miku turned into a model for a few of my photos!
Her pink hair and the blossoms match so nicely… it’s so cute!! (*´ω`*)

– Natsume

I’ve been super busy between work and events, but I managed to find some time and went up a mountain where I managed to still find some cherry blossoms! (−ω−;)フゥ・・・

I was relatively sure that most people would be taking photos of the newly released Sakura Miku, so I decided to use Sakura-tan instead! I spent a good hour taking pictures!

The weather wasn’t great and the wind was really strong… which caused Sakura-tan to go 3m skydiving a couple of times. ^^;

I thought at first I should just come back another day instead… but most of the blossoms were already starting to fall, so I was worried I wouldn’t have the time! In the end I manged to get a couple of photos!

– Ririkaru Madicaru

I read you were collecting cherry blossom photos again this year. I might be a little late, but I decided to send my photo through!

I’m sure we’ll see a lot of her this year, but I also decided to use Sakura Miku-san! The weather wasn’t great… this was actually taken just after some rain.

– Hanakawa Akira


I went through to Kyoto one night with my Master, Yuyu-sama.

The photo features both the amazing blossoms of the Touji temple together with Yuyu-sama!

– Nameless Lloyd

Hi there! I’m a Chinese fan of Vocaloid and Good Smile.

The other day I saw that you were looking for photos for the Sakura Photo Festival.

I took loads of pictures of Sakura Miku while it was cherry blossom season here in Shanghai~ Thanks! ≧▽≦~

(PS. My Japanese isn’t the best, I hope you understand!)

– Anonymous

Hello Mikatan!

I’m an American currently studying in Japan. I always look forward to reading your blog’s English version!

I always see the cherry blossom photos on your blog and wish I could take some of my own, but unfortunately cherry blossom trees are rare in my town.

At the moment I’m in Japan, so I took the opportunity to grab some photos of Nendoroids with cherry blossoms!

I went to my campus with Masamune… but unfortunately the trees had already lost a lot of their blossoms from heavy wind the day before. (´・ω・)

I still took some photos though! I’m looking forward to exploring all over Japan soon!

– Mag

I took this photo at Osaka Castle’s Park. It’s not amazing, but I still decided to send it through.

– Ramie


Churuya-san enjoying a swing!

Cherry blossom season has arrived!
I always look forward to the lovely cherry blossom photos on the blog!

– Mahokona

Sakura Photo Festival

– Anonymous

I grabbed all the Vocaloids together and went out to view the cherry blossoms.

– Anonymous

I went out and took a cherry blossom photo! You have to picture Miku saying “I hope you’re enjoying yourselves too, blossoms!”.

– ftb

My first time participating in the cherry blossom photos! Although I think Ika-chan would rather be eating Sakura-shrimp instead of viewing the blossoms…

– Dai

Hi! I’m sending in my photo from my phone. This is a weeping cherry tree at my local shrine, Miku seemed to be enjoying it!

– A Small Shrine’s Manager

I didn’t have the chance to take part last year, so this year I took my wife (Madoka) out for some photos with the blooming cherry blossoms. The weather hasn’t been great this year, but I guess that actually suits Madoka Magica quite well.

She decided to borrow Sakura Miku-san’s outfit for the day. My friends agreed that it suited her quite nicely! ^^

Being able to dress up my beloved Madoka like this is the reason I think GSC’s figure’s are #1!

– Tukiwadati Clim

A thousand cherry blossoms from Ueda~

– Foru

The cherry blossoms had unfortunately all fallen, so I took a photo with the blooming Moss Phlox~

– Gao-nii

It’s time for the Sakura Photo Festival, so I went out with my Sakura Miku-san to view the blossoms! Unfortunately it seems Sakura Miku was more interested in the dango than the blossoms.

… by the way, these are actually fake cherry blossoms, this was actually taken inside. I hope next year I have the time to head outside and enjoy the real blossoms! ^^;

– Kuucharoke

This is my first time submitting my photo to the Sakura Photo Festival!

I look forward to the beautiful photos from everyone else on your blog every year! I hope to see more cute Nendos and figures coming soon!

– sera

The weather was bad once again this weekend, and I was about to give up on taking cherry blossom photos when it suddenly cleared up! It was a miracle! I quickly grabbed my camera and went off with Sakura Miku for some photos! Most of the blossoms had already fallen… but just seeing the sun was more than enough! It’s not an amazing photo, but it’s something!

The blue sky, white clouds, Spring sunshine and pink cherry blossoms… they’re simple but still so wonderful! Just 2 hours after this photo it clouded over and started to rain again… I guess I really was lucky to get this photo!

– Kn.


– In despair over these clouds.

Flower Princess

– Anonymous

Hello Mikatan, this is my first mail to you!

I wasn’t able to get photos of the blossoms in time this year… so I decided to send a photo from last year!

This was the first time I decided to take figures out with me for photos. I don’t own a camera, so it’s just something taken on my phone. Next year I hope to take Sakura Miku out for photos.

– Koppepan.

Title: Blue Sky Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms near Kiyomizu temple were blooming, the skies were a lovely blue and the pale light between the branches looked beautiful, so I had to take a picture! The picture was taken with my iPhone so the quality isn’t great, but I think that also added a bit to the pale effect of the light!

– dianoia

I wanted to take part in the Sakura Photo Festival, but before I knew it the blossoms had already fallen…

I decided I couldn’t leave it at that and went up into the mountains to find some cherry blossoms. It was quite a battle to get up to these blossoms!

– Nire

I went to view the cherry blossoms with Sakura Miku and brought back photos~

The photos were all by the riverside, so I had to first search for somewhere that I knew Miku would be safe while I was taking photos. The third picture isn’t cherry blossoms, but I found a 4-leaf clover so decided to take a photo with that instead!

Miku-san is like a little flower fairy!

– Anonymous


Miku, cherry blossoms and tulips!
Lat-type Miku is so lovely! I feel relaxed whenever I see her.

– Anonymous

This is a photo of Sakura Miku taken with the weeping cherry trees at Okudera temple in Asukamura city, Nara prefecture.

The color of Sakura Miku and the blossoms seemed to match so nicely, I took the picture at an angle that looks like the two colors are blending into each other.

– WakiNEKO

That brings the second part of Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner: Cherry Blossom Season to an end! (=゚ω゚)ノ

(´∀`) I’ve said it a number of times before… but thanks again to everyone who sent in photos! It makes me so happy to see so many cherry blossom photos!

(´∀`)I received a lot of mail from international readers as well! Many even wrote in Japanese for me, which was wonderful! It goes to show that even if we’re in different countries, we’re all connected by figures!!

(´∀`)As I said yesterday, I’m sure the cherry blossoms haven’t bloomed everywhere yet – I’ll be having a third part of this series at the start of May, so keep the photos coming! Always remember to take care of of nature when taking outdoor photos!

I’m also looking for normal, non-cherry blossom related mail from readers! I promise I’ll read them all, so if you have any questions, pictures, requests, or just want to talk about what you had for dinner… send through a mail! Boys and girls both welcome!

(゚∀゚) Mikatan Mail:

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛