Spring is here!!
The first Spring we’ve had since moving to Oshiage!
The temperatures have really been all over the place this year, the Earth is going a little crazy it seems! The temperature changes make it easy to catch a cold, so everyone be sure to take good care of their health!
A big congratulations to those who just joined the working force or started college this Spring! GSC has also just welcomed our latest newcomers into the offices! There will be tough times and there will be fun times… probably more tough times to begin with, but in the end you can always get through anything if you put your mind to it!
Anyway, today we begin one of the regular yearly blog posts…
Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner: Cherry Blossom Season!
I’ll be upping as many images that I received before the 10th April as I can, but unfortunately it won’t be all of them! I received a total of 264 photos already!! A big thanks to everyone who sent their photos through!

Last year during the Sakura Photo Festival I was reluctant to head outside for pictures as I was so busy, and never really got around to it in the end. But this time around I made sure to head out and grab some pictures!!
My Miku-san just bought her very own car this year, so she decided to go on a drive to see all the cherry blossoms!
Here’s a picture of her wandering outside the car with blossoms all around her! If I had to choose between Miku or the blossoms, I think I’d pick Miku!
– Vimana

I’ll be sending in my photo with Sakura Miku this year!
She’s up climbing one of the cherry blossom trees!
– kuro

The Kawazu cherry blossoms in my area were in full bloom, so I took Sakura Miku out with me for some photos!
It’s an early cherry blossom photo with a rather pale coloring! (^m^)
The Kawazu sakura are quite a dark pink, which match Sakura Miku’s colors very nicely!
– Ikamo

The cherry blossom season is here! As with most years, I went to the local botanical gardens to view the blossoms!
I’ve sent through three of the photos I took while there – the theme I was going for was ‘Miku’s Graduation’! (*´∀`*)
Her hair looks so cute in buns! ^^
ps: Sorry for the bad Japanese.
– oni

While I was walking through a park with the cherry blossom petals fluttering around me, I saw Sakura Miku munching on a rice cake on one of the branches, so I decided to take a photo of her together with my Dress Miku-san! (Dress Miku is my original creation.)
– Tamaki

It’s that time of year again… cherry blossom season!!

Every year I’ve brought Luka with me for pictures, but this year I really wanted a picture of Homura and Madoka… so this time around I decided to change things up a bit!

It was never in the series, but this is my attempt at displaying them heading to school during the cherry blossom season!
Madoka and Homura are both on their way to fulfilling all sorts of wishes together!I can’t wait for the new movie to release!!

Title: “It Finally Bloomed!”
Most people wait for full bloom, but I’ve always thought the first blossom is also amazing. Sakura Miku also looks very happy to have found just one blossom among all the buds!
– Under B

Last year I moved, just like GSC…
I moved to Odawara, which is famous for the cherry blossoms around Odawara Castle. I decided to leave Sakura Miku to everyone else and instead use Masamune Date for my photo!
– rin-1

We’ve reached the cherry blossom season once more! It’s my first Spring since I’ve moved workplaces from Hiroshima to Osaka.
I stay at an apartment with a park behind it which has a huge cherry tree, so I went out with Sakura Miku for some photos!
This photo was taken in a place that was just too high, I had to get up on a stepladder and balance to get the picture! I honestly though I would have fallen if I had tried to go any higher. :P
“Let my songs reach as far as the Spring winds and blossoms~”
– Nankoku Inu Chappii

Taking photos of Nendoroids outside is both fun and embarrassing at the same time. It’s hard to explain the feeling! :P
I grabbed this photo while I was out enjoying the blossoms!
– Kumage
goodsmile company Mikatan's Blog English Version

I’ve recently been taking my Nendoroids out with me, and also finding the joys of taking photos with them.
In the past I’ve always simply enjoyed the photos submitted by others, but this time around I decided to take part in the festivities myself! I hope it’ll add an extra pink petal to all the lovely photos on your orange blog!
– tory
goodsmile company Mikatan's Blog English Version

This was taken on one of the side roads at my local reservoir.
– raika9

I know it’s not a great photo, but it’s still cute so I hope you’ll enjoy! ♪
– Anonymous

It’s so nice and warm this year, I’m able to head out without even taking a coat! Over the past 4 years I’ve taken my Nendos out with me all over the place… they’re starting to look a bit dirty now. (>_<)
But I can still hear her saying “You’re still going to out more, right?”!
Of course I will!!
– Spin

I’ll be adding my photo this year!
– Anonymous

I took MEIKO and KAITO with me to my local castle’s park to view the cherry blossoms. They both seem to be having a good time viewing the full blooming blossoms with their alcohol and ice cream respectively!
– Yasu

I posed this just by just changing the head and legs to try make a more natural looking, gentle pose. That said, it’s still a rather simple pose…
– Anonymous

I had a day off and went down to Moto-Arakawa River Park for some photos… unfortunately the weather wasn’t great… (ToT)
It was really cloudy, so I decided on a close-up shot.
– aki@imp

My name is Erick and I’m from Indonesia. Currently studying in China.
I don’t think we have cherry blossom in China so this is the closest thing I can think of.
I love reading your blog and I’m looking forward for more post!
Thank you.
– Erick

Hello GSC my name is 余月
I’m from Taiwan
I have many Sakura Miku photos
– 余月

Asuna-san was out on work for the Knights of the Blood, but she decided it was time for break by the cherry trees! The combination of Asuna’s red and white knight outfit and the light pink of the cherry blossoms seem to suit each other so nicely! (`・ω・´)
– Agepanda

The day after my Sakura Miku arrived, I headed straight to the Skytree for some photos!
The photo is taken near Toubu Bridge with some lovely blossoms! (*´ω`*)
– Tsuukintokkai Nanpyon

Soniko’s face transforms Miku into a real beauty!
– Leonov

There really hasn’t been good weather on a day off for me to go out and take some photos here in Kantou… I still went out and grabbed this photo to send through to you, but I’m not too proud with it.
– Yamamoto

Hi there! I decided to send a picture through this year.
The Kawazu blossoms bloom so very early!

The other day I went to the Kawazuzakura Festival with Sakura Miku, so I decided to send a picture to you.
It was my first time taking outdoor photos, but once I got started I forgot about everyone else around me. Next time I’ll bring the smiling face parts!
– Sabusabu
goodsmile company Mikatan&#39;s Blog English Version

Instead of just selling Nendoroids, I figured I should take mine out and participate in events like this more often!
It’s a rather unskilled picture, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!
I tried to capture the cuteness of the Nendoroid together with the natural beauty of a river and cherry blossoms all in a single picture, but it didn’t go too well… orz
I’m always looking forward to your figure releases!
I’ll do my best to sell you products whenever possible!
– A Certain Store Owner

Since the cherry tree bloomed, a photograph was taken outside only after being accompanied by cherry  miku.
It seems that miku of mine is more absorbed in sakura-mochi than a flower.
“next year — the cheery blossom viewing — how to carry out — ” — I feel that miku has said.
– Anonymous

I hope everyone at GSC is having a good Spring so far!
The blossoms finally bloomed around here, so I could join in! I’m sure I’ll be ruining more photographic subjects in the future… but I don’t care! :P

I’ll continue down the path of the Nendoroid! m(_ _)m

– GEN@Buchou

Out to view cherry blossoms with Sakura Miku! ♪
This photo comes from a nice big cherry blossom field in Chiba! It was a wonderful place to visit!
– Harurun

I read that you were looking for cherry blossom photos, so I decided to send through one of mine which was taken in Kantou just as they started blooming.
– nekobin

I went to Osaka Castle with Sakura Miku for some photos.
Unfortunately it was quite cloudy on the day, but there were still lots of people there to see the blossoms. I had to take these pictures with so many people watching…
– Dokuo @ Osaka no Higashiyori

I took a photo of Snow Miku seeing cherry blossoms for the very first time!
The Yoshino cherry trees have white blossoms which suit Snow Miku perfectly!
– Under B

It’s been about three years since I started buying Nendoroids, but this is the first time I’ve taken one outside for some photos!
The weather unfortunately wasn’t great, but it was a lot of fun to take photos outside for a change. (つ∀`*) This photo captures the point that Winter passes the baton over to Spring! (`・ω・´)
– Anonymous

Samurai look great beneath the cherry blossoms!
I wanted to prove that, so I brought Kanako with me out for some photos! She looks so awesome!
– Tanupon

This brings Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner: Cherry Blossom Season Ver. (Part 1) to an end! (=゚ω゚)ノ
Thanks again to everyone who send in mail! Tomorrow I’ll be continuing with more of the lovely cherry blossom photos I’ve received!
For those who still haven’t had the cherry blossoms in their region blossom – worry not! I’ll be doing another cherry blossom photos post in early May, so keep the photos coming!! But please do remember to take care of nature while taking outdoor photos!
I’m also looking for normal, non-cherry blossom related mail from readers! I promise I’ll read them all, so if you have any questions, pictures, requests, or just want to talk about what you had for dinner… send through a mail! Boys and girls both welcome!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛