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A big thanks to everyone who came by our booth at the Anime Contents Expo at the Makuhari Messe last weekend!

Anime Contents Expo, also known as ACE! Many of these events get shortened to acronyms… the Tokyo International Anime Fair is often called TAF!

But more importantly, both of these events also had a certain figure on display at them – which is up for preorder from today! (・∀・)
From Sasami-san@Ganbaranai:
Nendoroid Sasami Tsukuyomi!

From the anime series ‘Sasami-san@Ganbaranai’ comes a Nendoroid of the shut-in main character, Sasami Tsukuyomi! The tassel of her nightcap is fitted with a joint for some extra posing options, and the nightcap can also be completely removed! She even comes with an attachable strand of sticking-up hair to complete her cute curly-haired look when not wearing the hat!

Special parts are also included to display her sitting with her laptop on her knees! Other optional parts such as headphones and her ‘Brother Surveillance Tool’ are also included, allowing you to recreate a number of scenes from the series!

She looks so cute in those pyjamas!!

It’s a very unique design, and I have to say that Nendoroids in pyjamas are rather rare… particularly when they include a nightcap as well! The outfit makes her look so adorable!! I think I understand why her brother loves her so much!
This is how she looks from the back!

The nightcap is fitted with joints at the base and halfway down the tassel. This allows you to pose the nightcap at the right angle to suit any pose or expression! It’s also quite amazing how you can convey certain emotions just by changing the angle of the nightcap sometimes!
She comes with a sleepy expression!

This half-asleep expression suits Sasami-san’s shut-in personality perfectly! Just look at the way her mouth is posed open a little bit… it really gives you that feeling that you’re getting to see her true self just as she just woke up!

You can make use of the bent arms included for cute posing just like this!
Sasami-san’s embarrassed expression!

This expression is based on when Sasami-san panics about something embarrassing and kicks her brother out! I’d want to be kicked out often if I got to see this cute expression each time!!

The photo here also makes use of crossed arm parts holding her shoulders which just adds to the pose! You could also use the two straight arms and pose her as if pushing something away!
Sitting parts, a laptop and headphones!

She comes with so many different optional parts! You can choose between having her stand or instead sitting with her knees up like this! Lovely!! The laptop that featured in the series and the headphones from one of the key visuals are also both included!
Finally, the ‘Brother Surveillance Tool’!

This glasses-like device allows Sasami-san to track her brother wherever he goes! Now she can always know exactly where and what her brother is doing!

The nightcap can also be completely removed!

She also looks super cute without the nightcap!! Just look at how lovely that curly hair looks! Everything about this lovely little Nendoroid is sculpted so perfectly – I’m certain fans will be happy with her! If you’re one of those fans, don’t forget to get your preorder in!
From Sasami-san@Ganbaranai:
Nendoroid Sasami Tsukuyomi!

She’s up for preorder from today!! (`・ω・´)
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Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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