Only 4 days left until WonFes!!

Laugh or cry, there are only 4 days left! (`・ω・´)

But at the same time, there are still a whole 4 days to get through! Here we have a line-up of all the figures I’ve taken a look at so far!

– Winter 2013 WonFes Products –

■ [GSC] Homura Akemi: you are not alone.
■ [GSC] Nendoroid Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver.
■ [GSC] Nendoroid Petite: IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls –
    Anzu, Kaede and Rika + Live Stage Set
■ [MAX] figma Rin Shibuya
■ [MAX] figma Anzu Futaba
■ [MAX] Tomokazu Seki: Glenfire
■ [Phat] Dekacchu Kirari Moroboshi

You can find all the previous reviews linked in the list above!
This is a bag filled with one of each product!

It’s quite a lot to carry around, so we are providing the big bag you see here for those who buy many products! An order sheet will be used at the event, where you will need to circle the items you want. You can see an example of the sheet on the event sales page – simply circle “1” or “2” on the sheet. Everyone is limited to 2 of any figure!

– Event Sales –
Alright, let’s move onto the very last WonFes product review!
From Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial:
Tomokazu Seki: Glenfire!

The 12th figure to join the Tomokazu Seki series comes from the Ultraman Zero Movie – the pirate bodyguard of flame, Glenfire! The sculpting of the impressive flames burning atop his head together with the confident pose create a figure that fans are sure to love!

The ‘Tomokazu Seki’ series has now reached it’s 12th release!!

Even with all the other work he does, Seki-sama still manages to find the time to sculpt these figures… it’s amazing!! Glenfire looks absolutely divine!!
This is how he looks from the back!

Take a close look around his hips and thighs! The creases in his outfit have been sculpted so perfectly!!

Plus from 13:10, Seki-sama himself will be selling the figure!!

This has also become a standard every year at WonFes, but this time around it will be done at the ‘Max Factory 25th Anniversary Booth’! If you’re just interested in picking up the product, you can just get hold of it at the sales corner. But if you’re a Glenfire fan or a fan of Tomokazu Seki, I definitely recommend coming to the Max Factory booth by at around 13:10!

– Event Outline –
Now let’s take a look at some of the other goods that will on sale!

IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Energy Drink!
It’s a real energy drink!!

All the Cinderella Girl’s players can get a boost of energy for just ¥200, with up to five available per person.

If you don’t think that will be enough energy for you, there will also be cases of 30 on sale. I’m confident these energy drinks will get me through the day!!
Sampling the energy drink!

The Cinderella Girls players here in the offices all tested the Energy Drink!

Apparently it tastes like… an energy drink! (`・ω・´)

It also provides all the energy needed to keep someone like me running till the early hours of the morning! :P

The JDF Square-chan has been transformed into a smartphone case… it’s so cute! This will be on sale at the Goods Corner at WonFes!
This is how it looks on an iPhone5!

3A’s unique rusted paintwork looks just as great as usual! The little beak-like mouth of Square-chan also pokes out just a little just like the model! It’s a little figure in itself!

As a side note, this cover unfortunately doesn’t fit the iPhone 4 or 4S, but even so I think it’s worth grabbing if you’re a Square-chan fan! I have a 4S, but I’m still going to get one! (=゜ω゜)ノ
Nendoroid More: Clip and Suction Stands – Orange!

These special versions of the Nendoroid Clips and Stands are going to be sold at various events, so WonFes is just their first debut! They are colored orange, Good Smile Company color!

The clear versions you can see to the lower left are trial products that are currently in development. They’re still quite far off being officially announced, but the are planned for release, so look forward to them!
WonFes free handouts!

The latest Nendoroid & figma catalog as well as a Nendoroid calender starting from April this year! There are also some awesomely designed 3A stickers, and some cute Puella Magi Madoka Magica stickers!

The mosaic is covering up the Good Smile Racing Newspaper, which will also be available at the event. The latest Racing Miku-san will be announced on the 10th February… I wonder how she’ll look!
Original ‘Umybo’ Sticks!

There are two different Umybo treats to choose from, both with illustrations by MAX Watanabe-san! The two flavors are ‘Chicken Curry’ and ‘Corn Potage’! Just look at the little pliers and file the Umybo is holding in his hands – it’s so cute!

These will be given out at the Max Factory 25th Anniversary Booth!

But stock is limited, so stop by early if you don’t want to miss out!
Note that different things are found at different areas!

  • Figures are at the Figure Sales Corner.
  • Seki-sama’s Figure is at the Goods Sales Corner.
  • Seki-sama’s event is at Max Factory’s 25th Anniversary Booth.
  • Energy Drinks, Square-chan and Nendo Stands are at the Goods Corner.
  • Umybo Sticks are at Max Factory’s 25th Anniversary Booth.
  • Handouts are all over the WonHobby Booth.

That sums up where you can find everything. The following page will give a little more information such as prices and how many of each item is available.

– Event Sales Page – (Japanese)

That brings the WonFes product reviews to an end!

Phew! There was so much to get through… definitely more than any previous WonFes event! But that just means all the more fun for everyone at the event!!

We’ll all be waiting for your arrival, so be sure to stop by if you can!

But anyway that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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