On Saturday we had the Nendoroid #300 Broadcast!
Which also featured this prototype!!

She was kind of a surprise with no advance warning, so there were a lot of comments that seemed quite surprised to see her! Plus she’s already up for preorder now – Phat! company is really on the ball with this one!

My review seems to have come in a little bit late now, but I hope everyone will enjoy it anyway!
From IS (Infinite Stratos):
Nendoroid Houki Shinonono!

From the popular anime series ‘IS (Infinite Stratos)’, comes a Nendoroid of Houki Shinonono!

Her long, trademark ponytails are fitted with joints, and she comes with special alternative parts to allow you to display her in the running pose from the ending theme of the series! She comes with her standard expression, a expression with gritted teeth and a cute smiling expression.

She also comes with folded arm parts allowing you to pose her standing with an imposing appearance, or even a hand pointing forward! Her wooden sword and fencing stick are also both included as optional parts allowing you to pose her in a number of your favorite scenes from the series!

That serious expression fits her personality perfectly! Even as a Nendoroid you can also can’t help noticing that impressive bust! All of her charms have been shrunk down to Nendoroid form!
This is how she looks from the back!

Houki has such a lovely double ponytail! Apparently it took a number of revisions to get it right on the Nendoroid, but Phat! Company continued until it was perfect!
Folded arm parts are included!!

With these you can recreate the folded arm pose from the key visual! I imagine that painting each of the different areas on her school uniform is going to be an absolute nightmare for the production team!
Gritted teeth and her fencing stick!

This is such a lovely face, it has so much expression behind it! She looks kind of frustrated, but with a slight embarrassed look as well! It suits the tsundere character of Houki so wonderfully!
She also comes with a wooden sword!

Houki is known for her swordsmanship, so she comes with both a fencing stick and a wooden sword for you to choose from! You might also be able to have her hold them in either hand, however that is still under consideration at this point in time.
A smiling expression for her gentle side!

Houki might be more known for her serious side, but this side with blushing cheeks and a cute smile is definitely just as lovely to me! The outline and highlights of the eyes are so very detailed!
The running pose from the ED theme!

The famous pose from the ending theme can be recreated with these bent arms and legs! The ponytails are also fitted with ball-joints so you can have them waving behind her like this!!

But I certainly hope that Phat! Company is working on some of the other characters as well… or else Houki will be lonely by herself! :P
From IS (Infinite Stratos):
Nendoroid Houki Shinonono!

She’s already up for preorder!!

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But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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