I’m being watched!!

Talk about an intense gaze! The review of this figure is already a little late and I’ve still got a pile of work to get through… but I’ll take some time right now to have a quick look at her for the blog!
From the Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku:
1/8th Scale Mikudayo!

The popular Mikudayo character costume based on ‘Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku’ was first transformed into a Nendoroid, and now is also on her way to becoming a 20cm tall 1/8th scale vinyl figure as well! The hair section on the figure even makes use of the same texture as the original for a truly realistic rendition of the costume!

She’s so big!! (((゚Д゚)))

This version of Mikudayo is an amazing 1/8th scale! Even the Nendoroid size had an incredible presence… this version is much bigger, and even closer to being just like the real thing!
This is how she looks from the back!

The slightly tilted pose is lovely! It really makes it look just like the actual character costume – those of you who have seen the actual costume will realize how similar they are!!
Displayed with Nendoroid Miku-san!

This will help give you an idea as to how big Dayo-san is. She stands 20cm tall!

I took this photo trying to pose Dayo-san patting Miku on the head… it almost looks like she’s attacking her instead though!
Her hair has a soft texture!

To recreate the feel of the original costume, the hair is all soft and has a similar texture to the original costume. The soft fluffy feeling is very similar to the ‘Sylvanian Families’ series of animal toys – basically very short hairs that feel wonderful to the touch! It’s such a relaxing feeling! (´∀`)
Note the creases in her clothes!

You might not have expected such detailed close-ups for this review… but it is a 1/8th scale figure after all! She deserves the same attention as any other 1/8th scale review! :P

All the small details that make Dayo-san special can be seen – from the tight looking clothes at the chest area down to the floppy looking jagged edges of her blouse!
Her long boots!

I think one of the main factors that makes Dayo-san who she is, is the odd sense of imbalance between the top and bottom half of her body! Her legs actually look unexpectedly thin!

I also only just realized… but you can even see the creases on her arms!! Attention to the smallest of details is the Good Smile way! :P
Some ‘Pop Candy’ is included!

As an optional part, the ‘Mikudayo x Fujiya’ collaboration product, ‘Pop Candy’ is also included! This is also included with Nendoroid Mikudayo… I look forward to displaying both the big and small version of her together, both in the same pose!
Holding some real Pop Candy!

The FamilyMart x Hatsune Miku project started today, so I decided to grab some Mikudayo Pop Candy and have her hold the real thing instead!! It’s actually quite an appropriate size – although I am holding it in place with double-sided tape. :P

Doesn’t she look happy now that she has some real Pop Candy? If Dayo-san is happy, then I’m happy too!!
From the Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku:
1/8th Scale Mikudayo!

Be sure to check out the 1/8th Scale Mikudayo Product Page… if you follow the clues you’ll be able to get your hands on an awesome mobile wallpaper!

She is up for preorder as of today! (`・ω・´)

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Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛