Prototype located near Phat! Company’s desks! (`・ω・´)

It’s amazing how a little sunlight can make both people and figures look so much more beautiful… (´∀`)I also wish I had a room as big as this, then I’d be able to put all my figures on display so easily!

Anyway, let’s continue to ignore Uchitarou-san in this photo, and move onto taking a look at this lovely looking figure! ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ
From Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland:
1/8th Scale Meruru!

From the PS3 game ‘Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland’ comes a figure of Meruru, the main character in the game! The figure has a lovely bright and cheerful feeling to it, just like the original illustration by Meru Kishida. A figure of the 19-year old Totori that appears in Atelier Meruru is also currently in production to display alongside her!

She is so captivating, colorful and cute!! (*゜∀゜)=3

You can also definitely still feel the unique feeling from Meru Kishida’s illustration as a part of the figure! Just by taking a look at this beautiful figure I think you could turn a bad day around!
This is how she looks from the back!

Meruru’s long wavy hair looks great from the back! I wish it was real so I could feel it for myself!! :P

The pose is based on one of the official key visuals from the game that had a nice dynamic feeling to it, which also comes across in the figure very nicely! It’s so lovely to be able to see all the different angles on the figure that you could never see on the original illustration! :)
Her beautiful multicolored cape!

This was definitely the part of the illustration that always drew my attention – the beautiful gradient on the reverse side of her cape!

It’s not easy to create a gradient on a figure with so many different colors, but Phat Company decide to take the challenge… and by the looks of it, it has come out looking magnificent!
Isn’t she simply adorable!?

air brushing across her cheeks, beautiful blue eyes and a wonderful smile! I don’t believe anyone could say this isn’t cute!!

The hand in front of her face also looks so soft and touchable… I almost couldn’t help trying to grab for it to feel if it really was soft…
Everyone loves thighs!

This is something I personally love to see on a figure!! Most figures with skirts tend to focus on letting you see more of the character’s bottom – which is good and all, but if you have short pants or drawers like these, it instead brings out the thighs even more!!

The back of her knees also need special mention!!

The small little depressions behind the knee look perfect! I’m a big fan of knee socks, but this figure has shown me just how wonderful bare legs figures can be… her legs are simply beautiful!!
Don’t miss the flowers and pouch!

The vividly colored flowers and pouch covered up by her hair are both very finely detailed! Even those hard-to-see areas have had absolutely no compromise!

The patterns around her neck area and on the end of her sleeves are also a great rendition of the original illustration – and look just as stunning!
Her outfit is also so cute!!

The fasteners in the middle as well as the start of the skirt both make use of a shiny silver paint that gives the impression of a different material to the rest of the outfit.

The contrast between the loose sleeves and the tight waist area also creates a lovely effect, and then we still get to enjoy her fluttering skirt – everything really comes together to create a great outfit that also shows off her beautiful body line!
A background based on the illustration!

A special little background based on the key visual is also included and can be attached near the feet – it is planned to be removable too, so you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want it there!

But background aside… I have to bring everyone’s attention to her legs once again… just look at how perfect those knees look!! :P
A close up on the tip of her staff!

The little jewel in the middle may be small, but it’s still made from transparent plastic to great effect! This staff really suits Meruru – it has a strong presence just like its owner!
From Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland:
1/8th Scale Meruru!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 29th November!!

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But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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