A messy desk means a messy mind… it also means there are lots of documents and things to blur out in photos!
Nitouhei is normally a very easygoing guy, but if it’s needed he’ll work late into the night – I think I’ll reward his hard work by playing with that prototype he left on his desk!
figma Black Gold Saw: TV ANIMATION ver.!
From the anime series ‘Black Rock Shooter’ comes a figma of Saya Irino’s other self, Black Gold Saw! She comes with a standard expression, a glaring expression and the joyful expression she sometimes shows while fighting. Her weapon of choice, ‘Kingsaw’, is also included.
The newly designed Gold Saw from the TV series! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
I think that every time I see a new figma from the BRS series, it reaches a whole new level of quality! The parts I liked the most I’ll highlight a little further into this blog, so read on if you’re interested!
This is how she looks from the back!
The gradient on her hair looks wonderful!!
The figma series are also fully articulated – you’ll notice that softer materials are used in certain areas to ensure that they don’t get in the way of posing, meaning that you can easily place them in all of your favorite poses from the series!
This gives you a feel for her size!
She is actually a little bit bigger compared to most other figmas. Even at this size the amount of detail that has gone into the sculpting is incredible!!
Kingsaw’s design changed in the anime!
This version has a lot more jagged teeth along the edge and makes her look a lot more threatening… it’s also absolutely gigantic! Posing her holding Kingsaw suddenly gives her a whole new presence that looks absolutely amazing!
Plus she also comes with three different expressions!
This is the ‘joyful’ expression she sometimes has when fighting!
Seeing someone with a weapon like that and a smile on their face gives me shivers down my spine… :P
It’s so much fun to pose her!
The sculpting is amazing that no matter how you pose her she seems to look incredible! There are a couple of articulated figures that limit your ability to pose quite a lot – it really feels great to be able to pose her however you like!
The expression here is the glaring expression! (`・ω・´)
But there is also a lot more to Golden Saw!
Just look at this sexy body!
She’s a palm-sized figure, but still fully articulated and even keeps a really sexy appearance! Even with a zoomed in photo like this, she still looks just as great as a scale figure!
The reverse side is just as great!
You can see even more than you might have bargained for! Max Factory really do give the most amazing detail to the smallest of things, which is what I love about them!
figma Black Gold Saw: TV ANIMATION ver.!
She’s available for preorder from today!!
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A new development in the Black Rock Shooter universe?
A brand new BRS social game!
It’s called ‘Black Rock Shooter Arcana’!
When you started the ‘Arcana’ application, a mysterious black haired girl was waiting for you…

Inside the popular communication tool known as ‘Rails’ you’ll find a ‘Rail friend’, who will accompany you on a number of quests. While investigating these quests you’ll come across a number of mysteries such as the black haired girl, the Tarot and the Arcana…
I’m not sure if it means the actual application, or if there is an application inside the game called ‘Arcana’. But anyway, it seems like a game that mixes around gaming elements with elements from the real world! I’m very interested to see what exactly these ‘quests’ are!
Gold Saw-chan also features in the game!
Ooh, she looks just as sexy here! All the popular characters from the BRS universe are in the game, as well as a number of new characters that will debut in the game!!
A teaser site for the game went up today, so be sure to check it out!
Black Rock Shooter Arcana
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
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