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Which character would come with these parts…?

A square microphone, mike stand and a speaker! Only one character would come with all of these, and the answer is of course in the title of the post… today we’ll be taking a look at this lovely Nendoroid!


Phat! Company’s:
Nendoroid Lily from anim.o.v.e

The character created for the anime song album ‘anim.o.v.e’, Lily, is joining the Nendoroid series! She comes with both her microphone and speaker, allowing you to display her in the pose from the VOCALOID 2 packaging!

The same pose that Phat! Company’s 1/8th scale Lily was in!

When one thinks of Lily, this has to be the first pose to come to mind… it’s so cute and sexy!
This is how she looks from the back!

Just like the 1/8th scale version of Lily, her hair makes use of beautiful transparent plastic. I’m sure some people will love this while others may not, but personally I think it suits Lily’s look beautifully!

The amount of detail that has gone into her outfit also makes for an amazing rendition, even in Nendoroid size! The zippers along her outfit and rings on her arms in particular are very detailed!

She comes with a singing expression!

This expression comes the illustration on the cover of the ‘anim.o.v.e 03’ album! You can even see the eye-shadow on her eyes!

I think the only other Nendoroid in the past to have eye-shadow was Joy Max-san, and that was quite some time ago!
The headphones can be removed!

Officially I’m not sure if this has ever been done on Lily, but on the Nendoroid you can pose her with the headphones handing at the back instead of on her head!

The inside of the headphones (the part you place on your ears) actually looks like it’s made from soft, fluffy material! I love seeing little details like that!
The ‘Harii Expression’ from Honey Lily!

Fan-made characters have become an important part of Vocaloids now, so this expression just had to be included as well! This expression was created based on a version of Lily that looked like a cute little bee – the bee body itself is unfortunately not included, but the expression alone is absolutely adorable!

Other than the expression, she also comes with straight arms as well as a bent right arm. The pose from the packaging makes use of a bent leg and a separate skirt that makes way for the bent leg!
The ‘Internet’ Vocaloids!

The difference in color is just magnificent!! Displaying them all together like this has such a bright effect! I can’t wait to have three of them together to display for myself!

The reason GUMI is wearing her goggles is because her standard face has already been sent off to China! ^^;
Phat! Company’s:
Nendoroid Lily from anim.o.v.e

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow! (`・ω・´)

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(C) AMG Illustration:KEI