Anyway, today we’ll be looking at IDOLM@STER products!
Nendoroid Petite:

From the popular idol production game, ‘THE IDOLM@STER 2’ comes a second set of the adorable idols to join the Nendoroid Petite series of figures. Be sure to display them together with the characters from Stage 01 for a complete performance!

I got hold of a box of eight figures! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

There are a total of seven characters to collect including one secret character, and each of them comes in a sealed box so you don’t know which character you’ll be getting! Let’s see who I manage to draw out first… I’m hoping for Miki!!
My first box gives me… Ami Futami!

I didn’t get my Miki… but Ami is also super cute!! (*゚∀゚)=3

Mami can be found in the first ‘Stage 01’ set, so be sure to display the two twins together!!
My second was… Miki Hoshii!!

Yay, I got my Miki!!!

It seems my luck is in today! Just look at that cute little stomach sticking out!! It’s amazing that she can be both so cute and sexy at the same time!
Iori Minase and Yukiho Hagiwara!

I got my Miki, so now I’ll go through as a standard product review! :P

The outfits for each of the characters is the same ‘Pink Diamond’ outfit that was used for Stage 01! They’re such lovely vibrant outfits that really suit the idols!
Azusa Miura and Hibiki Ganaha!

The Nendo Petites are so tiny but the separation of the colors and the paintwork overall is absolutely beautiful! The golden highlights match up with the white and pink very nicely!(´∀`)
Nendoroid Petite:

They’ll be on sale from the 30th October!! (`・ω・´)

Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!

Plus, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve positioned by them by their respective attributes from the mobile game – the top left is the Cute’ attribute, top right is ”Cool’ and the bottom four are all ‘Passion’! (I think I’d be categorized under ‘Passion’ myself… :P)

Also, as some of you might have seen…

Yep… that’s right!Σ(゚∀゚ )


Nendoroid Petite:
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls!

Yay!! Jougasaki, the one on the bottom right is absolutely adorable!!! Only these five have been announced so far, but I’m sure there will be more?

Otanaka is in charge of planning for this product – he’s also playing the IDOLM@STER Mobile game and his front members are quite an impressive sight! He’s got over 1000 Stamina and Energy drinks!

But GSC aren’t the only ones making IDOLM@STER figures!
Phat! Company’s:
Cinderella Girls Trading Figures!

Aren’t they just adorable!?

Just looking at them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! Anzu-chan on the left is amazing herself, but Kirari on the right is simply outstanding!

The character with her back facing us… who could it be? I can’t show her just yet! Phat! Company needs to complete the set for all of us to see!!
Anzu-Chan!!! ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)

Comparing Phat’s trading figure and GSC’s Nendo Petite! It’s so nice to be able to see Anzu-chan outside of the game – I can actually touch her and display her on my desk whenever I like!!

For a small price you can keep Anzu-chan by your side whenever you like, there is no way I could resist!

Plus, from the 30th October…
Two special campaigns are starting!!
First up, at Lawson!

Phat! Company will be contributing Rubber Straps to the IDOLM@STER C-course at Lawson! (The images here are just for illustrative purposes).

The players of the game here in the offices are all dying to get hold of the S-Rare card of Rin Shibuya! :P

– Kirin Beverage x THE IDOLM@STER x Lawson –
A themed café at the GSC-Tetsu Café!

There will be an all-new original menu for fans to enjoy! I’ll be sneaking in at some point to let everyone know what they can expect!

– Good Smile x Karaoke no Tetsujin Café –
But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛