Ooh, it looks like Oonoshi has the Aoba prototype!!
I’ve been waiting for ages to review him!! (`・ω・´)

There have been all sorts of delays such as the second prototype painting and various displays at events, but he has finally returned for me to do a review! I know that Oonoshi doesn’t want to let go of him, but I’m stealing him away!
From DRAMAtical Murder:
1/7th Scale Aoba!

From the PC game ‘DRAMAtical Murder’ comes this 1/7th scale figure of the main character from the game, Aoba Seragaki!

Aoba is dynamically posed within the ‘RHYME’ cyber game together with his dog-type ‘ALL MATE’ named Ren, who is always by his side in the virtual world. The figure also features an impressive base that includes a number of motifs from other characters in the game! The unique posing and mischievous smile really bring out Aoba’s personality perfectly, creating a figure that can be enjoyed by all fans from almost any angle!

He looks fantastic!!

Most figures usually have some specific angle or side that make them look the best, and whilst that point probably still exists for some, I honestly think he looks great from absolutely any angle! I could spin him around for ages trying to find the perfect angle, and I’m sure most people would have a similar problem!
This is how he looks from the back!

The mid-air suspended position creates a really dynamic pose! I also have to add that it’s really difficult to photograph this figure – mainly I think because there are so many amazing parts, and I don’t know how to feature them all in each photo!!

I hope my amateur photography skills manage to capture at least some of his amazing charm!!
A low-angle shot!

If you look at him from the front down you get to gaze into his lovely eyes, but that’s not to say he doesn’t look fantastic from the bottom!

As a side note, I know I called it a low-angle, but to be honest this is actually just the normal straight-on angle I normally use on the blog with Nendoroids!

The reverse side at the same angle!

The entire design of the figure makes we want to place him on one of those automatic rotating pedestals and enjoy looking at him from a different angle every second! It even makes for an impressive pose from an angle like this where you can’t see his face at all!!!
Such a perfect expression!! (*゚∀゚)=3

Aoba’s mischievous personality really comes out in this expression! It’s wonderful!! I think personally the canine teeth and lips have a lovely masculine look to them that really does it for me!
The Rhyme Board also looks amazing!

The fluorescent looking colors are lovely!! You can also take a look at the top of the board in the third picture of this article – just scroll back up and be amazed at the lovely design! (`・ω・´)
A stunning narrow waist!

On female figures you generally look at the body line from the waist to the hips and then move into onto the bottom, but for once I have to say it’s almost just as appealing on a male figure!! You can really make out his entire body line through the top of his clothes!
A look at his hips from the bottom!

I recommend displaying him at this angle for a more realistic looking body! The figure also really recreates the fluffy texture of his jacket, and I also love the gap in-between his jacket and his T-shirt! (don’t you just feel like sticking a finger in there or something?! I do!)
My favorite photo for today!

The angle makes it seem like he’s looking down on you, plus you get a good view of the headphones, jacket and of course the lovely hips!!
The figure base recreates the atmosphere of the series nicely!

The base is so amazing it makes me think it could almost be sold as its very own product… three televisions, chains that make use of clear materials, and various little items that come from other characters in the game and are sure to inspire some nostalgia into fans of the game!
Aoba’s All Mate, ‘Ren’!

Look! Even his little paw pads have been carefully sculpted!! And that fluffy tail!! Plus, you can carry the lovely Ren around with you wherever you go as well!!
As a preorder bonus, you’ll get a Ren keychain!!

All you need to do is preorder Aoba, and you’ll get this Ren keychain as an free extra!! You probably won’t be able to get hold of it if you wait for him to release in stores, so don’t miss out!

The keychain will be provided at the same time you receive the figure, not at the time of ordering. I’ve heard that it’s quite uncommon for female fans of figures to preorder, but I’d definitely recommend it this time around – you can order from a number of different stores online!!
From DRAMAtical Murder:
1/7th Scale Aoba!

He is already available for preorder!! (`・ω・´)

Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!
Bonus! Oonoshi’s Photo!!

Oooh! I can feel her love for the figure through this photo!! She also made the background image you saw on my monitor for all the photos above!! (`・ω・´)

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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