I got hold of yet another prototype today!

I’ve been searching for this figure that was on display at Machi Asobi!

She actually needs to be sent off to China as soon as possible, so Nagaizumi from management told me I had to be quick with my photos! Talk about putting on the pressure…
1/8th Scale Rin Tohsaka: Yukata ver.!

From the popular ‘Fate/stay night’ series comes a 1/8th scale figure of Rin Tohsaka wearing a lovely yukata! She is posed sitting relaxed on a bench with the wind gently blowing through her hair.

The yukata is a deep red to match with Rin’s image color, and features prints of camellia flowers and butterflies. A mosquito repellent ‘pig’ is also included to display alongside her, to really recreate the atmosphere of a summer festival!

Rin is finally joining the series!!!!

Ever since this series was on display at WonFes, I’ve been waiting for her!
This is how she looks from the back!

Rin is looking up at the fireworks in front of her! She looks so relaxed with that one hand on the bench!

Her lovely round hips are also a point to note – as I mentioned when I reviewed Saber, the best thing about yukatas is that they really bring out the curves of the body!
Just a peek of her legs!

This is definitely the kind of thing I love to see on figures, and I’m sure there are at least a couple of others out there that love it as much as me! Being able to sneak a peek on an area that should be covered up by her clothes is amazing!

For example, getting a glimpse of a girl’s cleavage because she’s bending down, or a glimpse at her thighs from a gust of wind!

If a girl is wearing a mini-skirt, seeing everything from the knees down is perfectly normal, you wouldn’t think anything of it… but when she’s wearing a yukata and you get a glimpse of the leg like this, it somehow seems a lot more appealing, doesn’t it? :P

At least I know that FREEing understands me! I want to send a round of applause to their beautiful work!
A lovely expression with upturned eyes!

The pose and expression suit the ‘Always Elegant’ phrase that accompanies Rin. She might even be a little more mature looking than normal…

Seeing her so relaxed and happy… I’d be glad to help her with anything she asked of me!
A shot from the waist up!

Her posture is lovely! The fingers resting on her thighs are also beautiful!

Her yukata is red to match with Rin’s image color, and has lovely prints of camellia flowers and butterflies – a gorgeous combination that really suits Rin! The black sash brings the whole outfit together nicely as well!
The bench and mosquito repellent ‘pig’ are included!

A lovely set of optional parts that bring across the summer festival atmosphere! I think you could quite easily use the mosquito repellent ‘pig’ with Nendoroids or other figures as well!
The three yukata girls displayed together!

They look gorgeous displayed together!! The mix of standing and sitting poses gives a nice balance when displaying them all together, I love the mix of poses! (I wouldn’t mind if they were all standing, but I like being able to display them in front and behind of each other like this, instead of all just in a line!)
Sakura will be joining them soon!! !

Sakura hasn’t had her fair share of figures, but this time FREEing made sure to include her with the set!

Saber Alter will also be joining the yukata series!!

Ooooh!! I want Saber Alter in her yukata!! I want her right now!! That sulking expression is just perfect for her as well – it’s so cute!!!
1/8th Scale Rin Tohsaka: Yukata ver.!

She is already up for preorder!! (`・ω・´)
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But that’s all for today!

I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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