I managed to get hold of a prototype!!
Prototypes are all very contested at the moment – between needing their second painted version done, going out to events, going out for photography or needing to be put up on the blog… it’s quite hard to get hold of them!

Every figure goes through a number of adjustments after all the departments have had time to discuss it, but whenever I’m running behind on a blog, someone will always bring the figure through to me to review… thanks everyone, and sorry for the trouble!!
Anyway, today we’ll be taking a look at this Nendoroid!
From Sword Art Online:
Nendoroid Asuna!!

From the popular anime ‘Sword Art Online’ comes a Nendoroid of the beautiful Knight and subleader of the Knights of the Blood, Asuna! Recreate all your favorite scenes from the online world of Sword Art Online!

The Nendoroid of the master cook and powerful fighter is based off the anime’s design – doesn’t she look beautiful?! (・∀・)ノ
This is how she looks from the back!

The braided and tied up hair looks so cute in Nendoroid form! There is also a joint in the back ponytail for extra posing options! Her outfit is wonderfully detailed with lovely paintwork – the boots, sword and scabbard are all painted with a shiny silver.
Let’s take a look at the optional parts!
A smiling face and Menu Window!

Just look at that angelic smile! I want her to be my bride, not Kirito’s!

Sword Art Online is also known for it’s game menus that the players can open up to use items, add friends and various other things. This menu is included with Asuna, so you can pose her together with it!
Lambent Light!

Asuna’s primary weapon is this blade known as Lambent Light! You can pose her simply enjoying herself with the sword like this, or make use of the bent arms and leg to recreate the famous pose from the key visual of the series.

I’m certain Yuri-chan will add a photo of that pose on the GSC website once she is officially announced – so take a look at it there!
Lambent Light while using skills and a serious face!

Those who like having two different options of swords will be glad to see this version is also included. She also includes a scabbard with a sword in and one with it drawn! Various hand parts that allow her to hold the swords at a number of angles, which together with the bent arm parts provide you with a number of different posing options.

Although most Nendoroids are only posable at the hips, Asuna has joints at her hips as well as two areas around her chest for even more posing options! Unfortunately because she is a prototype I can’t play around too much with posing… I’m too worried I’ll break something. Even so, I think this picture came out quite nicely!!
Asuna looks so happy!

I wonder why she’s so happy…? (*´∀`*)
Nendoroid Kirito is also on his way!

That explains why she’s so happy! These two will look great displayed with one and other… I can’t wait to see the Kirito Nendoroid!
002From Sword Art Online:
Nendoroid Asuna!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 12th October!! (`・ω・´)

Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!
But that’s all for today!

I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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