Shuu-chan is using some kind of jumping attack!


How does he move so fast!!

It’s unbelieveably blurry, but in his left hand he is holding an iron ruler and in his right hand is a clear shield. :P This photo truly makes him look like some kind of Berserker from Dragon Quest, but that really isn’t the case at all.

By complete coincidence, a deliveryman arrived at the exact same time as the photo (he is on the right) and was quite astounded at what he saw…

But anyway, today we’ll be playing with this lovely figure!

From Monster Hunter Tri G:
Nendoroid Hunter:
Female Swordsman – Bario X Edition!

A Nendoroid of the female swordsman wearing the ‘Bario X’ series of armor made from the powerful ice-fanged Barioth! Display her together with the previously announced ‘Lagia X Edition’ Nendoroid and recreate some of your favorite hunting scenes from the game.

The second in the Monster Hunter series is a female! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

I’m a big fan of Monster Hunter, and I’m also a fan of female figures, so this is a whole new level of amazing for me!! I also love the way her armor looks sort of like a coat, it makes her look so regal!

This is how she looks from the back!

The waist area of the coat armor is separated and fitted with a ball joint, so you can still pose the legs in all sorts of amazing dynamic poses. When you have a figure from something like Monster Hunter, you have to be able to pose it in combat poses!

There is also a joint fitted into her ponytail, which is really well hidden – you can hardly see it at all, but you can still pose the hair however you like!!

Her weapon is a one-handed sword!

The powerful sword made from the Barioth is known as the ‘Glass Valty’, and as you can see it is a very intricate sword! You can of course choose to display her with or without the sword.

Shuu-chan was in charge of this project, and he himself is apparently a one-handed sword user. If there are more Nendos to come, I hope to see a greatsword and a bow!

The fully posable ‘Edition’ series!

Just like the previous Nendo in the series, this Nendo is a part of the ‘Edition’ series which means she is articulated all over for amazing poses! There are more joints than a normal Nendoroid, allowing for much easier combat poses!

Personally I loved the extra posability of the shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles!

She comes with an injured expression!!

It’s she just adorable with this expression?!

The slight blush along with the gritted teeth and single closed eye makes for a really cute expression… even if it’s supposed to look like she is getting attacked…

A look from the monster’s viewpoint!

Hmm… I’m pretty sure if I saw someone this cute give me this expression, I’d stop attacking. Even if I were a monster. I’d just give her all my rare components!!! d(*´∀`*)b

You can use expressions from other characters!

Using a chibi face from another character gives the Nendoroid a completely different atmosphere! Mix and match with your collection to find some expressions that suit her!

I really wanted to play around with a few more expressions myself, but Shuu-chan said she was headed off to an event display, so I didn’t have the time!!

Nendoroid Hunter: Female Swordsman – Bario X Edition will be on display at the Tokyo Game Show at Capcom’s booth! The event starts today, so go take a look if you’re interested in seeing the prototype!


From Monster Hunter Tri G:
Nendoroid Hunter:
Female Swordsman – Bario X Edition!

She is up for preorder from today!! (`・ω・´)

Get in touch with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!!


But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!(・∀・)ノ゛