This is what I see when I get up from my desk!

Right in front of me is Max Factory!

Right here we have Nitouhei! We’re on the same floor with seats right next to each other now, so I can constantly spy on what he is up to! In fact, I can see he has a figure watching over him that I want to take a look at!
Max Factory’s:
1/7th Scale Luka Megurine: Tony Ver.!

A 1/7th scale figure of Luka based on popular illustrator Tony’s illustrations, following on from the previously released Miku figure! The unique transparent feeling that accompany Tony’s illustrations has been faithfully recreated on a very sexy figure that pulls out Luka’s charms with a very provocative pose.

Tony’s Luka went on sale on the 31st July! (`・ω・´)

She should be on sale at all of our partner shops at this very moment, so if you like this review you can head out and grab her today!
The sculpting was done by Chieri!

The sculpting is incredible!! I absolutely love Chieri’s work!!!

The way her body has been sculpted makes it look like it’ll feel just like real skin if you were to touch it! The see-though appearance and paintwork also look just like they did on the prototype! Great work to everyone on the manufacturing team!

This is how she looks from the back!

The long drapes of her skirt and her long hair both look beautiful from the back! Also take a look at the delicate little fingers holding the golden mike in the air!
That lovely transparent appearance!

Looking at the blue gradient in her eyes also sucks me in completely… I can’t believe they are done with stamp printing with this much detail! They also have a slightly glossy appearance which looks great!!

Her hair uses clear parts!

Definitely one of the highlight’s of Tony’s Luka is her beautiful hair, which is colored with a transparent gradient that gradually gets more see-through as it goes toward the tips!

Miku had a more glossy effect to her hair which made it much shinier, while Luka has a matte coating which gives her a more relaxed appearance!
The base is shaped like a record!

There are even small little grooves along the record, carefully sculpted onto the base! A base like this was such a great idea, and apparently it came from MAX Watanabe himself!
Wonderful knee high socks!!

The patterns on the edges of the socks along with the gold trim are also absolutely stunning! The little peek at her stomach is also quite a treat!
She looks great displayed with Miku!

Such bright colors! They compliment each other so nicely!

Seeing these two together really makes me want to see a Rin-chan coming as well though… let’s all plead of Max Factory to bring us Rin-chan next!
Max Factory’s:
1/7th Scale Luka Megurine: Tony Ver.!

She is on sale in stores now!!(`・ω・´)
Be sure to contact our partner shops if you have any sales queries!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛
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