Wonder Festival 2012 (Summer)

29th July at the Makuhai Messe!

I can’t believe how fast these seem to come around every 6 months! It feels like the last WonFes was not even three months ago!


The special site for the event went live today!


This will be Max Factory and GSC’s joint booth for the event! The booth name is shortened to ‘WonHobby’ for the event, so you just need to remember that.



The site will be updated again from time to time, so keep an eye on it! (`・ω・´)


WonFes Products!

From Max Factory we have,
figma Buffalo Bell : Visitor ver.!

From Good Smile we have,
Nendoroid Insane Black Rock Shooter!

There are also some products that will be up later!
Keep an eye on the site, as they’ll be announced soon!


There will also be online sales!!

Delivery will only be in November for online sales, as they will all be made-to-order. But it does mean that if you can’t make it to the event you can still grab the exclusive products!

They will be available for order at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP from 29th July until the 6th August!



This will also be updated when the products are available, so keep an eye on it if you want to order! We’ll also announce it on the GSC site once they are available for order!



And finally a quick notice!! (ノ゚∀゚)ノ キャホー


The Nendoroid Complete File!

This was released by Hobby Japan and you should be able to find it in stores from today! It’s much bigger than I expected and the package is so cute!! It a great read but that’s not all – it also comes with a Nendoroid to play with!!


This is what’s inside the box!

Here you can see the included Nendoroid Saber : Complete File Edition! (`・ω・´)

This is a fully posable version of Saber in her casual clothes! She comes with a fencing sword, some tea, parts for sitting on her knees and much more!


Inside the actual album!

All the Nendoroids of the past are all included for you to enjoy! Everything you need to know about Nendoroids you can find in this lovely album!

The album also includes interviews that you can’t find anywhere else as well as production reports which shows exactly how Nendoroids are made – definitely a book that Nendoroid fans will enjoy. The album was released to commemorate GSC’s 10th anniversary, and should be available for purchase now!

Today we have a special guest on the blog!

An interview with the Nendoroid illustrator, kako!

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for the blog! I’ve got to know kako quite well now, he is a really nice guy!! We’d never have so many cute Nendoroids without him!! (`・ω・´)

Q. Is there anything you need to pay specific attention to when illustrating Nendoroids?

You need to be very careful to keep to the original character design as much as possible. When making a Nendoroid design there is a careful balance between keeping to the Nendoroid design and still keeping the original character design intact as much as possible. The illustrations need to indicate things like where the waist starts which changes quite a lot from character to character, so each needs to be very finely tuned. Nendoroids are ‘chibi’ characters, but even so we try to keep their outfits and extras with the same amount of detail on the original designs. I think that’s partly what makes Nendoroids so amazing! (Although I’m sure it’s a lot of work for the sculptors!)

Q. Are there any illustrations that really stick in your mind?

There are lots that I remember quite fondly, but if I had to talk about a few…

● Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

This was the first Nendoroid to have an illustration done before it was sculpted, so it is definitely very memorable. When I first saw a picture of the rough sculpt, I couldn’t believe how much cuter the figure looked compared to the illustration – I was overcome with how amazing she looked and that was when I realized just how incredible the sculptors were!! I was also amazed that the rough sculpt was ready the week after I sent in the illustration… they were really quick!


I wasn’t able to get the head to look right on this one… I must have redrawn the face at least 100 times before it looked right. Nendoroids are supposed to have a kind of cute feeling to them, but that was very hard to capture with Ryuk. I think it must be the illustration that I’ve spent the most time on ever. I was personally quite happy with the way the design came out in the end though – it was cute but still had the Ryuk feeling to it.

Miku Hatsune

The Nendoroid illustration of Miku was kind of the illustration that set the format for all the future Nendoroid illustrations – most new designs use her as a base now. It’s like the definitive Nendoroid illustration! Plus the illustration was not only used for sculpting the original Nendoroid, but also for the plushie, rubber straps, Racing Miku and lots more!

Q. Anything else you want to add?

Congratulations on the release of the Nendoroid Complete File! I made sure to order a copy for myself! I couldn’t believe the Nendoroid series got its very own game, and now it even has its own album! To be perfectly honest I never expected the Nendoroid series to become so big and last for so long when I started working on it. I’m so very glad that the Nendoroid design has been loved by so many people for such a long time. I’ll be sure to bring more and more of the cutest illustrations I can! A big thanks for having me on the blog as well!!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer the questions!! kako’s Nendoroid illustrations really have the most amazing balance – they suit the conversion to figures absolutely perfectly!

The reason we are all able to love Nendoroids is thanks to you and the sculptors that work so hard to bring them to us! I’m looking forward to more illustrations in the future!!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛