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Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner!

A quick rather sudden announcement, but I’ll be heading to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia this week! I’ll be watching over a booth at an event that Good Smile will be running.

I’ll sure I’ll be taking a few prototypes which I’ll have to put together at the event… without breaking them… and without a sculptor to fix them when they break means this becomes a very important task!! :P

(゚д゚) Letters asking about changes to products are quite hard for me to reply to… but I do pass the info onto the design team!

(゚д゚) If there is a problem with your product, please email the Good Smile Support Team at:

(゚д゚) If you want to let me know something without me talking about it on the blog, just let me know in the mail and I’ll be happy to keep it quiet!

Please note that whatever I write in this section isn’t official – it’s just my thoughts on matters! If you’re only looking for official news, you might want to dodge this post!

Alright, let’s get started!! (・∀・)ノ

Thanks for all the hard work you do! My name is Sanpachi and this is my very first mail to you.

Did you manage to see the recent solar eclipse? I manged to get a photo of Octo-Luka together tith the solar eclipse! I thought it looked wonderful, so I decided to send it through!

Thanks for making Nendo Petite Octo-Luka!

   - Sanpachi


Sanpachi? Octo-Luka’s creator!?

What an absolutely stunning photo! I love it when anyone loves our figures, but when the creator himself praises a figure then I really feel proud! Thank you!

Puella Magi Collection~!

   - Kn.


A self-made Walpurgis Night!

    /:|.:( ○)三 ( ○)\   ”Wow!!”
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  ヽ :ヽ::: 7ヽ />: : r:\ 

Aigis looking a little down.

   - Anonymous


A beautiful picture!!

The water-like surface she is lying on with the high contrast gives a very mysterious effect!! You sent in a number of photos that were all really stunning, but in the end I had to settle on one so it had to be this one.

I’m a fellow girl who has recently dived into the world of Nendoroids!
Miku was feeling all alone, so Nagato came to keep her company and they had a little party!

When I was young I used to play with Licca-chan dolls all the time, it seems it developed into this now! I love playing with all the little extra parts and collecting small props for them!

   - Muumofu


I wish I was there with them!!

The picture really brings across a feeling of fun and enjoyment! I also love collecting small props like these for Nendoroids! I think it’s one of the funnest things you can do with them! They really help build up an atmosphere for the Nendoroids to live in!

Just recently Nendoroid Yune found her way to my home. The Japanese clothes look so lovely on her!

Of course, we have already seen Yune in her kimono from your review on the blog, so I decided to switch characters but keep the kimono for my photo. I hope you enjoy it.

   - free-p


That sideways glance is so sexy!!

The Cherry Blossom specials that were on the blog not too long ago featured a lot of Nendoroids wearing Yune’s kimono It doesn’t matter if it’s a real person or a figure – a kimono is always a lovely sight! (*゚∀゚)=3

I really loved this picture I took, so I decided to send it through to you. ♪

As an apology for not taking a cherry blossom photo with Kud, I decided to take a photo with a Kamakura special, Iwata Coffee Pancakes!
I’m not entirely certain if she is happy or worried though. ^^;

   - Tia


She looks super happy to me!

The pancakes from Iwata Coffee have always looked so incredible, I’ve always wanted to try them! How could Kud not be exited with some of those huge pancakes right beside her!! Delicious food combined with adorable figures makes for a wonderful photo!!

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! The very first Good Smile Figure I ever bought was Miina Miyafuji from Please

Ever since then I have been buying countless GSC figures, with mt best series definitely being the Nendoroid series. I hope you will continue to bring more and more wonderful figures to us! I’ve included a photo of my complete Nendoroid collection, they take up two display cases by themselves!

   - YASU


A complete Nendoroid collection?!

I can even see the Giant Neko-Arc and Giant Neko-Arc Chaos!! ((( ;゚Д゚))))

I think you might even have a more complete set of Nendoroids than the GSC storehouse has!! Thank you so much for loving the Nendoroid series so much, and I hope you continue to enjoy collecting them in the future!

I wrote ‘GSC Udon’ on the bowl with a permanent marker! I love reading your blog every weekday!! (`・ω・´)

P.S : Rice and anko go well together!

   - Anonymous


I can’t imagine they go very well together. ^^;

Although I guess you do get treats like ohagi!

But anyway, I love the GSC Udon rice-bowl! I thought it was a decal at first – you must be very skilled with a permanent marker. :P

Nice to meet you Mikatan! I love reading your blog!

There were a load of Forsythia flowering all about, so I decided to take a picture of them together with Ren! He looks a little embarrassed. ^^

   - Anonymous


What an angelic smile!

The wet hair and the embarrassed expression really make for an adorable picture! Plus the Japanese word for Forsythia is ‘Rengyuu’, which suits ‘Ren’ perfectly – even the colors match up nicely!

I’m so glad that Nendoroid Yukimura Sanada was released!
I also tried the new stand for Masamune Date and it is great! It’s so much easier to pose him for photos now! Thanks!!

Ever since Masamune was announced, I’ve been waiting and waiting for more from the series, but I couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to make my own Sasuke Sarutobi! I’ve ended up with 6 customized Nendoroids now!

   - Mayu


I can really feel the love!!

Did you remodel the body off a different body? It looks completely different to any body I’ve seen before!! I’m really interested in knowing what you used to make them! (`・ω・´)

The other day I went down to Sendai together with a cheerful Masamune Date. One year ago it was covered in a wave of depression, but now the station is almost completely back to normal. The further you head from the central part of the city, the more you can still find the remains of the earthquake.

I think it is really wonderful that you put together the Cheerful JAPAN! project amongst all the trouble to help out those in need. The Cheerful JAPAN project may have come to an end now, but I’m sure you’ll still continue to support those who need it in the future!

   - Chiyo


Everyone should feel better with Masmune cheering them on!

It’s been over a year since the disaster, and there are still lots of things that need to be fixed up. The Cheerful JAPAN! project has indeed come to an end, but we still intend to continue to help relief efforts in any way possible in the future.

I love reading your blog each and every weekday!
For about a year now, I’ve been in love with Good Smile Company.

Before then, I just thought Nendoroids were a cute brand, and after seeing Azunyan I’d grab her just because she looked cute.

Then, the disaster hit Japan….

My home was in Sendai, but luckily my family were all safe after the disaster. My brother-in-law’s car was washed away by the tsunami, but at least it was just his car. Our home was partially destroyed, but fortunately it was still alright to live in. I was away from my family at the time having just transferred, and was unable to contact anyone for some time – and hearing some of the stories simply made me more and more worried.

Soon after however I was able to get in contact with them, and found they were all safe and sound. It was then that I saw the ‘Cheerful JAPAN!’ project on Mikatan Blog.

I thought it was a wonderful idea and thought I’d participate, when I came across a bit of information that really pulled at my heart, it read: “Those in the disaster area who may need to change addresses are welcome to contact us at a later stage to organize delivery.”. I couldn’t believe how wonderful the project was already, but even so you were willing to go out of your way to address those that were in the affected areas.  It was at that point, holding on to those feelings that I really come to love Good Smile Company.

Thank you for your continued great work even through times of trouble!

To whoever came up with the idea for the Cheerful JAPAN! project, to everyone who went along with the idea, to everyone who agreed to run the project and to the person who thought to think of those who were having a hard time in the disaster areas  – Good Smile Company is a company made up of such a wonderful group of people that continue to work their best and help out others in the face of disaster. I’ve come to love everyone at Good Smile Company!

I think you have an absolutely incredible company, and I hope you’ll continue to be the wonderful company that you are!
I’ll be supporting you along the way!!  ヾ(´ω`=´∀`)ノ

   - #1 Fan (´∀`)


Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!
Our company has only been working with you for a short three years, but I know that our relationship will only continue to grow from here on out!

   - Anonymous


Thank you for all the lovely comments!!

Good Smile has got through its first ten years thanks to all the support, and we’ll be heading into out 11th and many more thanks to all of you! Reading all these lovely comments really makes me feel like I should try harder and harder everyday to make sure not to betray anyone’s expectations!

There are no words to describe how much all the support means to us – thank you all so much! We’ll continue to strive to be the best!

I went to visit the Akiba GSC Tetsujin Cafe the other day!

I grabbed something off the Milky Holmes menu, which was so cute that I decided to to try and make it out of clay!

   - sakuha


It’s perfect!!

Thanks for stopping by the cafe! I’m glad to see you liked it enough to even recreate it for you figures!!

I think you should give some to Mayushii as well, she looks like she wants some.

“Farewell, until we meet again”

I made this after I saw the news that the old GSC cafe was closing. I’m sad to see it leave, but I’m sure it will be revived in another form somewhere down the line.

   - Mory

A big thank you to everyone who ever came to visit the original Good Smile Cafe!

As of yesterday, the cafe has officially closed for business. There were loads of customers up until the very last day, so let me make use of this blog to send out a big thank you from all the staff at the cafe to anyone who ever visited the cafe!

The cafe has had all sorts of themes since it opened, and I hope at least some of those themes were enjoyable for everyone who came to visit. The Matsudo cafe is closed, but don’t forget that the Akihabara GSC Tetsujin Cafe is still open and will have many more interesting themes and menus for you to enjoy!

If you haven’t been to the Akihabara cafe, be sure to stop by some time!

That brings this Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner to an end!

I read through every single one of them, and as always, I’m always looking for more mail from readers!
If you have any questions, photos, product requests, want to talk about what you ate today, your thoughts about the upcoming WonFes… no matter what you want to talk about, send it through to me! Girls and boys both welcome!

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(゚∀゚) Mikatan Mail

There will be a live broadcast tonight at 20:00!

goodsmile company Mikatan's Blog English Version

– WonHobby News Watch –

The forth episode will be broadcast from the closed GSC Cafe in Matsudo! We’ll be taking a look at lots of interesting things including introducing new products and the figma posing championships! Timeshift will also be available!

Good Smile Shanghai Diary #4

Nihao everyone! It’s Suzuki from Good Smile Shanghai.

We keep constant communication with Japan through email, phone and Skype. We have Skype meetings with video to ensure we can having face-to-face conversations – even if we are countries apart. Plus having the video is vital to check the progress of sculpting work.

Yep! Good Smile Shangai has it’s very own sculptors!
Let’s take a look at what’s going on today…


To the right we have a sculptor, kiking-kun. On his left is Ryuu-san, head of translations and on her left is Usagi-kun, another sculptor.

The sculpting is done in front of the web camera, with directions coming directly from Japan when needed. The meetings are done every day to keep progress of the sculpting and work slowly through the sculpting progress. They are both working very hard with their sculpting, so I think you can look forward to the work they’ll be bringing out soon!

Anyway, Xià xīngqí jiàn! (See you next week!)

kiking-kun, Ryuu-chan and Usagi-kun!

They are all such lovely people!! The first time I met them they were really kind to me, even though I was being really shy…

I hope we can meet again soon!! (´∀`)
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!! (・∀・)ノ゛