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Some beautiful flowers with a beautiful butterfly!


Today we’ll be playing with this lovely Nendoroid!

From Accel World:

Nendoroid Kuroyukihime!

From the popular anime series Accel World comes a Nendoroid of the beautiful and mysterious vice-president of the student council – Kuroyukihime! She even comes with her beautiful black wings that allow you to pose her in her butterfly form!

Plus, Haruyuki is also included in his cute pink pig form!


This is how she looks from the back!

Those huge butterfly wings are definitely one of the highlights of the figure! The wings look just like a real butterfly’s wing with tiny lines all over them, plus the tips of the wings make use of clear plastic which is absolutely beautiful! She will make use of an arm-type base that will connect through the middle of the wings and into her back.

Her wings cover a lot of her back here, but that by no means that her back is neglected in terms of quality – even without the wings she looks fantastic!

A pouting face with hands on her hips!

Normally Kuroyukihime has a very mature atmosphere about her, but she also gets jealous sometimes and gets this slightly more childish look – isn’t she adorable! Haruyuki’s round piggy body is also lovely!


A smiling face and closed parasol!

Kuroyukihime comes with a lovely parasol that matches her outfit perfectly! You can pose her like the picture above with the specially included arm parts, or you can hand it by the handle from her arm which looks just as cute!


An opened parasol is also included!

Wow! Isn’t she just gorgeous!! I love seeing such impressive optional parts with my Nendoroids!! Just look at the detail on the parasol- from the golden grip to the frills along the edge, plus it really matches her outfit perfectly!


Haruyuki getting some hugs!

Hey! Let me have a turn for hugs too!! :P

Haruyuki comes with just one head but the two different bodies – you need to switch the head from the standing pose onto this pose!


Snow Miku tries the parasol!

The goth style of the parasol has an fancy look to it that should suit any characters that also wear fancy outfits! If I was any good with repainting I think I’d make a special icy parasol just for Snow Miku! :P

But even just like this I think it’s more than cute enough – I’m sure it’ll look great with a lot of other Nendoroids as well!


From Accel World:

Nendoroid Kuroyukihime!
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But that’s all for today!
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