A box filled of upcoming products!


A whole bunch of pre-release samples came through from the manufacturing team! (・∀・)ノ

When I can’t find a prototype to play around with, this is now the new box to turn to for treasures! Koyamada placed them all together in a single box for quick and easy use in blog reviews!

So today, we’ll be taking a look at this lovely figure:



Millhiore F. Biscotti!

She is from the popular anime series with a second season on the way, ‘DOG DAYS’ – a beautiful 1/8th scale figure of the Princess of Biscotti Republic and world-renown songstress!

She is shipping out from GSC on the 25th April!
If you’re lucky, you’ll find her in stores from the 21st!


This is how she looks from the back!

The figure is based on the pose from the ending theme of the anime, with both her arms out to her sides. Looking at her from the back you realize just how big that long flowing gsc is!


She was sculpted using 3DCG data!

Although I guess that wasn’t the most ideal caption for this photo. :P Obviously final touches and fixes are always performed by hand, but the bulk of the figure was all made using 3DCG data!

I previously took a more in depth look at the CG data, so go back and take a look if you missed it – it was a very popular article!

A Look at How Millhiore F. Biscotti was Made Using 3DCG Sculpting:



The final product is simply adorable!

It’s often said that the face makes the figure… if that’s the case then I think this is one of the cutest figures ever! Just by looking at her huge smile gives me the power to get through the day! (`・ω・´)


This area caused some trouble!

It’s well known that Millhiore’s image color is pink, but if you look carefully here you’ll see there are multiple different shades of pink here. According to Tsukki it was very difficult for the manufacturing team to get the colors to come out nicely around here.

Pink is definitely a difficult color to work with, but after all the team’s hard work, you can see it came out beautifully!


Her bushy tail and delicate fingertips!

The way her dress is shaped around the tail is really lovely to see! The fingertips actually feature a very subtle pink coloring, but you can’t really see it on this photo. It’s really pretty to see up close!



Millhiore F. Biscotti!

She’ll be sent out to stores on the 25th April!
If you have any sales or preorder queries, be sure to contact our partner shops!

– 10 Years of Good Smile Company : Nendoroids of the Past! –

There are only 20 days left until GSC turns 11 years old!

Once again, I’m going to reminisce about an older product that you may or may not remember…


Released in June 2011:

Nendoroid Reimu Hakurei!

The very first Touhou Project Nendoroid was the ever popular Reimu! At the moment we have reached out 9th Touhou Nendoroid – Cirno. The Touhou series has been a hugely popular set of figures!


Relaxed while drinking her tea!

Those who go out to view the cherry blossoms this Spring should bring some tea with them, and relax and enjoy the view just like Reimu is doing here!

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Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛