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Lots of goodies are currently on display here!

All the lovely figures on display at WonFes are all lined up here now! Well… not all of them, but the ones that are here are all available to everyone to take  a look and enjoy! For more information, you can read up here:

But today we’ll be looking at this product!

Sakuma Drops: Character Vocal Series Ver. – Nendoroid Petite Rubber Strap Included!

A collaboration product between the delicious ‘Sakuma Drops’ and the Character Vocal Series!

Original illustrations and photos of the Vocaloids are plastered all over the Sakuma Drops tin for a lovely new colorful look, and each tin also includes an adorable rubber strap of one of the Vocaloid characters. There are a total of 8 different straps to collect, including one secret strap! Enjoy the delicious Sakuma Drops along with an extra dose of cuteness!

They were made for GSC’s 10th anniversary!


There are two designs for the tins!

Anyone who knows Sunkus Drops knows it comes in this rectangular tin! There is one type with Nendoroid photos and another with illustrations of the Vocaloids. The contents are the same as always though – delicious candies filled with fruit juice  (`・ω・´)

Each includes a rubber strap!

The rubber straps are of cute illustrations by the Nendoroid illustrator! So cute! There are a total of 8 to collect, including one secret one!


Let’s take a quick look at each of them!

First up is Miku-san!

She is in a lovely sitting pose!! Plus she is holding the original Sakura Drops tin in her hand and is enjoying munching on one as well!


Next up is Snow Miku!

She is also sitting in a kind of mirror image pose of the original Miku. The outfit is from last year’s Snow Miku! The winking face is absolutely adorable!


Kagamine Len & Kagamine Rin!

These two look full of energy as always, with their arms up in the air! They look great posed next to each other like this!


Luka Megurine, KAITO & MEIKO!

Take a look at Luka and MEIKO’s legs! Even in chibi form they are super sexy!! :P KAITO is standing up straight in a cool looking pose as normal!!


There is one strap in each tin!

The strap that will be inside the tins is completely random, and doesn’t have anything to do with the two different designs. You just have to grab a tin and look forward to seeing which character you get inside!

The straps are also layered!  (`・ω・´)ゞ

They kind of bounce outwards toward you – you need to hold them for yourself to get the full effect!
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Let’s try it out as a strap!

Obviously the cord to use it as a strap is included!

You can connect it onto your bag or anything else like this, or just hang it somewhere in your room as a decoration!
A collaboration of Sakuma Drops, Vocaloid and Nendoroids!

A wonderful product to release as a 10th anniversary product!

Sakuma Drops: Character Vocal Series Ver. – Nendoroid Petite Rubber Strap Included!

Presales will be available in May at…

■ Circle K Sunkus Stores
■ Circle K Sunkus Shopping Site,

You can also order a box of 8 at KARUZAWA ONLINE.

I’m not certain if the box will include all the variations. I believe it will work like a box of Nendoroid Petites.


And lastly… we’re at the GSC Tetsujin Cafe, so…

Ultimate Madoka!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week! (・∀・)ノ゛
Sorry for the lack of updates this week! I’ll be going loads of figure reviews next week!! (I hope! :P)
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