GSC turned 10 this year!

       / \  /\  キリッ
.     / (ー)  (ー)\
    /  ⌒(__人__)⌒ \  ”The actual birthday was back on the 1st May,  
    |      |r┬-|    |   The day the company was established!”
     \     `ー’´   /
    ノ            \
  /´               ヽ
 |    l              \
 ヽ    -一””””~~``’ー–、   -一”””’ー-、.
  ヽ ____(⌒)(⌒)⌒) )  (⌒_(⌒)⌒)⌒))

We’re already almost half way through the 10th year of Good Smile Company! Time really flies! And after 10 years, there must be so many wonderful memories among the GSC staff!

Today I’ll be asking the staff:
“What memory sticks in your mind the most?”


Aki, Representative Director

(゚∀゚) Fun Times!

・ When the MAX Alloy Genesic GaoGaiGar that cost us more than the company was worth to produce, actually sold well.
I thought I was going to die. Back then, all the GSC and Max Factory products were risks…
・ Going on a company vacation together.
We all jumped on a bus together in a foreign country, and I realized just how much we can accomplish together.
・ Everyday is great fun!
Ten years have gone by, and yet I can hardly remember most of them. I’m surrounded by great friends and family, and could die happy right now!

(゚д゚) Difficult Times!
・ Mostly things I can’t talk about…
Over these 10 years, I’ve caused all sorts of trouble to lots of people.
If I live on long enough, I’ll write an autobiography about it all :P.

The rest of the staff was also very interested to see what Aki had to write about his memories! I get the feeling I should tell him to take care of himself more…


Akiyama, General Manager

(゚∀゚) Fun Times!

・ Nendoroid Miku’s Sales reaching 100000!
A product that reached the level of the 1/6th scale Kasumi!
・ The 10th Anniversary Party!
What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the 10 years of GSC!
・ Miku Z4’s Victory!
The tension and excitement building up to the final race and victory seem to suit GSC so well! :P

(゚д゚) Difficult Times!
・ WonHobby 9…
Getting everything ready before the event!!

WonHobby 9 was a great event that I think lived up to everyone’s expectations! But it was all thanks to the hard work in the background by people like Akiyama-san, who was running around in an almost traumatic state at the event! As a side note, you have a duck face in your photo! :P


Oda-P, from the Project Team!

(゚∀゚) Fun Times!

・ Being loved by those outside the company, the customers!
It’s really encouraging to hear everyone cheer me on – such as at the WonFes booth, or during meetings with other companies. It also really puts on the pressure though..
・ Shuraki’s Akatsuki preorders reaching their limit.
Due to various problems, the first run ended up much larger than intended, but lots of people responded so well to the project – it made me really happy!
・ Sculpting Nendoroid Petite: Hetare Saber
I really loved working on the sculpting for the cute Nendoroid, making use of the pull back as well made it a really fun job.

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Nendoroid Neko Ark Project
Just a few weeks after I joined the company – still as a part timer – I was left in charge of planning, details and sculpting. It was a ton of fun, but was also really difficult time for me. There was just no time! :P
・ Working on the Faces of the Nendo Petite Haruhi Series
Putting on the decals as tests while comparing them to the prototype… it sounds simple, but it took a couple of us an entire night to get it so that the final version would come out as the cute version that it eventually did!
・ Nendoroid Miku’s Alterations and Coloring
The night before the photography was to be done on the figure, I worked on the Hachune fringe and expression. Something really awesome had to be included with such a huge product!

Lots of memories from Oda-P, the man who does both production and planning! :P
It’s amazing how many of the staff remember the Shuraki and figma start-up period! Come to think of it, the Haruhi Petite Nendos were around that time as well!!


Otanaka from the Project Team!

(゚∀゚) Fun Times!

・ Just after Nendo Petites were released, a novel that came out shortly after mentioned them!
More than a fun thing, it’s more just something that made me really happy. I loved working on the project, so seeing it feature in a book was great. It was just a quick little sentence, but I read it over and over again.

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Leaving a prototype on a train on the Yamanote Line
When I realized I had left it, I quickly asked for advice from a station attendant. He did as much as he could, but it couldn’t be found at first, and we ended up waiting for the train to go all the way around and back to try and find it. Eventually I managed to get it back without any problems, but when I think about it now, I realize just how distressed I must have been…

I remember the prototype incident! The whole company was in distress!! :P I remember when you called to say you got it back and everyone crowded around, “Well? Is it safe? Did you get it?!”
Everyone was so worried… but at least we got it back safely in the end!


Kawapon from the Production Team

 (゚∀゚) Fun Times!

・ Being involved in great products. Plus the midnight Wii Sports tournament!

I threw the controller and broke it..

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ The Shuraki period
It was just difficult for all sorts of reasons. :P  I’ve attached two pictures from the Shuraki period to prove my point. The reason behind the full-body tights is still unknown.



What is with that expression as well!? And the pose? xD

This was about four years ago. I’m glad to see the memories have been stored as photos!


Takanon from the Production Team!

 (゚∀゚) Fun Times!

・ Making use of the 3D Printer
My previous job also made use of one, but it was nowhere near as accurate, and it took so much longer. Using the one we have now is really just too fun to explain.
・ Being in charge of the posable Nendoroid’s Sculpting
Working with Oda-P through trial and error to try and get Nendoroids more posable than ever before was a load of fun. One of my goals was to work more with joints and posing, so it was a great time for me!
・ Appearing on The Live WonHobby Broadcast
It was together with others from Nitroplus, Max Watanabe and Takayuki Takeya. We did make-up with a signing pen, and at the end of it all Takeya-san complimented me on knowing way too much. :P

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ WonHobby 9
My first event after joining GSC. From beginning to end I was trying to sort out queues all around Akihabara UDX.
・ When I was late in France
I got into so much trouble. Sorry!
・ Right now.
Right now is one of the most difficult times, but I’m getting ready for the next ‘Fun Time’ as well! I can’t wait to make cuter, more playable figures than ever before!

Takanon! Our resident 3D and specialist, who is just as great at hand sculpting! Even though he is so busy, he is always willing to help out with live broadcasts and blog things! Thanks Takanon! The last two Snow Miku’s were made as a tag team between Takanon and myself! I’m glad to have you working with me!!
Thanks to everyone for their precious memories!
That brings the first Memory Corner to an end – but the next time I can’t find a prototype to get my hands on, I’ll ask some of the other staff as well!
That’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!  (・∀・)ノ゛