After the huge earthquake that hit Eastern Japan earlier this month lots of people are living in very unfortunate circumstances in the East of Japan. Good Smile is trying to help in any way it possibly can.

All sales of Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Support Ver. will support the relief efforts in Eastern Japan.
Each sale will contribute 1000 yen to the Japan Red Cross. Overseas sales will be available!

Today I’ll be doing a review for Support Miku!  (`・ω・´)ゞ


Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Support ver.!

First up is her normal face and standard pose!

This version of Miku is based on the normal Nendoroid Miku and comes with all the extra parts and expressions from the original. but also includes new parts such as a support face, a support flag and some pompons to cheer on the recovery of Eastern Japan!


Her singing face, bent left arm and twisted leg parts!

The perfect set of parts to recreate Miku in her singing pose. I’m using the twisted leg on her right, but you can also use her left leg instead.


Her Hachune face, Hachune hair and the famous leek!

The complete Hachune set is of course also included! You can pose her in the classic ‘leek swinging’ pose!

↑  Up to here has been the normal Nendoroid Miku!

The Support ver. contains everything you see above, plus…!

First up she comes with a brand new facial expression…

A bright, smiling face to cheer everyone up!

With this expression included that means the figure come with a total of four expressions!!

A support flag shaped like a musical note!

This is a collaboration between Miku and Good Smile, so the musical note is GSC’s orange! The flag reads ‘You are not alone!”, I hope Miku’s message reaches everyone it needs to!

You can also remove the bottom for a normal flag!

The reverse side of the flag is left blank so you can put whatever stickers you want on it. The one in this version features a GSC logo, but the figure comes with a couple of other stickers as well.

You can even write your own support message and fly a completely original support flag!

Once everyone has their Miku I’ll be have a photo contest to see what kind of support flags everyone manged to come up with! Also be sure to put it up on your blog to show your support!

She also comes with pompons to cheer everyone on!

These are actually attached by removing her hands entirely and attaching the pompons as hands. They are also an inspiring orange in color!

Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Support ver.!

The normal Miku with a whole bunch of extras to show support to those in need!


Orders will be taken at the GSC Online Shop from the 8th April.

The figures will be made-to-order, so be sure to order if you wish to show your support. Further details about payment methods and shipping will be put up on the Good Smile Online shop in the near future.

Good Smile Online Shop:

If you are ordering from overseas, please note the following:

Overseas Sales

■ Orders start on the 8th April. More details will be revealed later.
■ Delivery will be in mid-July.

And finally,

A big thank you to Crypton for their support with this figure. Let’s hope that everyone in the East will be able to see loads of smiles again soon!

That’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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