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The third figure in the 1/8th Scale Bakemonogatari series:

Suruga Kanbaru!

Kanbaru is the third to join this set of figures, and she is just as incredible as both the previous two figures in the series. Yesterday I went over the actual figure of Kanbaru, which you can read about here:

1/8th Scale Suruga Kanbaru

But today we’ll be taking a look at this part:


The base!

The piles of books that surround Kanbaru are made to look identical to how they did on the DVD jacket!

These books actually caused a lot of trouble for the sculptors…

   / ̄ ̄\
  / . _ノ ヽ、_\  ← GSC Sculptor
 | o゚⌒  ⌒゚o |  
 |   (_人_) |   ” Aww… time to start mask painting those books again…”
 |   `i  i´  |  
 |   . `⌒   }   
  ヽ       } 
   ヽ     ノ 
  /      ヽ 

They really did moan about it quite a lot… it must have been quite a nuisance to work with. ^^;

If you’re not sure what mask painting is, you can take a look at this article:
1/8th Scale Senjougahara (Part 3) – Stationary Painting

But simply put, it’s a method of separating the parts that need red painting from the parts that need white painting.



Close-up on the books!

You can even see all the bookmarks are there!

Also, it might be hard to tell from this photo but…
Both the white pages and red covers use gradient painting!

It’s almost a waste to have so much detail on the base of a figure!


Here’s the base from a different angle!

You can really see she is surrounded by books!

I wonder how these are going to be made… I’m pretty sure the production team is going to have just as much trouble as the sculptors…

     / ̄ ̄\
   / _ノ  ヽ、_\  ← Gakkun from the Production Team
  | (≡)  (≡) |  
  |   (_人_) |     ”I’m sure we’ll figure something out!”
  |   `i  i´  | 
  |   . `⌒   } 
   ヽ       } 
    ヽ     ノ 
   /      ヽ 

We’ll just have to leave it to them!



Here is the base by itself!

At the moment the base and Kanbaru don’t actually connect in anyway, you simply place her onto the base! (That might change during production, however.)

That means you can do things like this as well:


Kanbaru can sit on the edge of the desk!

You could seat her on all sorts of things~

The elbow floating in the air looks a little strange, but you could easily put some real BL books there instead, or ever have her supported by another figure!


The Valhalla Combo!

This particular set of figures isn’t really designed to all be displayed together, but they still look good when displayed next to each other!

Unfortunately Nadeko is on a trip in China at the moment so I couldn’t display her with them this time… maybe next time!


The third figure in the 1/8th Scale Bakemonogatari series:

Suruga Kanbaru!

       /      \
      /  ─    ─ \ 
    /    (●)  (●)  \
    |       (_人_)    |  ________
     \     |r┬-|   ,/   | |           |
    ノ     `ー’´  \    | |           |
  /´                  | |           |
|    l                 | |           |
 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、  | |________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

She’ll be on the GSC site from tomorrow!

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But that’s not all for today!


Let’s go back to the first figure in the series:

Hitagi Senjougahara!

We got a review from a certain someone to celebrate the figure’s release!

Hello to everyone!
Today I’ll be showing some of my favorite photos of the figure and commenting along with them, but first a little history about myself: In the past I used to build models from Gundam, sketch pictures of Crusher Joe and build 1/35th scale models from TAMIYA for contests.
but ever since I got introduced to the world of figures at Wonder Festival, I’ve changed compeltely into more of a collector than a builder. I absolutely love collecting figures now. To see one of my very own illustrations make the change into a figure is an absolute honor for me. Thank you so much.

It’s Bakemonogatari’s character designer and animation director…

Akio Watanabe!

Oooh! This is amazing!! I can’t believe it!!

Let’s get going with his very own figure review!


First up I tried to match the figure up to the composition of this poster. Unfortunately the lighting in my studio isn’t very good, so the pictures didn’t come out great, but the real thing looked a lot better. There is nothing more to say about the stationary other than it looks absolutely incredible.


It’s amazing that I can see new angles of my illustration that were never even there in my 2D version!


All these pieces of stationary must have taken ages to make! They look great!


It even looks great with a close-up. The slightly opened mouth and cold glare are both captured so nicely!


The hands look so soft, and even the nails are painted so meticulously.
It really is a stunning figure in my opinion. When you actually see it for yourself and get to handle it, you’ll be amazed way more than just by looking at the photos!!

By the way… if there are ever any older figures I can’t get my hands on, I’m counting on you guys to get them for me! I might be very involved in the anime world, but I’m very jealous of figure sculptors now!

– Akio Watanabe

Thank you for taking the time to send this!!

As a big fan, so it makes me really glad to read this!
It makes me glad that I keep running this blog!

The 1/8 Scale Senjougahara
– Even praised by Watanabe-san!

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That’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!  (・∀・)ノ゛

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