It’s been awhile since a letter corner!!

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Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner!

I hope everyone has been well since the last letter corner! It’s been a nice summer filled with events, but the winter chills are starting to set in now… but it’s only just starting!

Letters asking about changes to products are quite hard for me to reply to… but I do pass the info onto the design team!(゚д゚)

If there is a problem with your product, please email the Good Smile Support Team at゚д゚)If you want to let me know something without me talking about it on the blog, just let me know in the mail and I’ll be happy to keep it quiet!

It’s been hard to find time to reply to messages, so sorry if I never replied to yours (I know I’ve been neglecting twitter replies a lot recently as well!) I promise I am always reading everything, it’s just hard to find to time reply! Thank you to everyone who has sent messages though!

Let’s get started!! (・∀・)ノ

I’m so glad to hear that there might be a KAITO Nendoroid resale soon. ^^ I’m just sending this mail to show my support for a resale!

   - Anonymous

I know I shouldn’t ask for products, but I’d really like a resale of Nendoroid KAITO!

   - Aoi Oneesan

Apologies for the wait!
He’ll be up again very soon!

It’s one of those products that has a very special place in my heart – I’m hoping you’ll all be able to enjoy it as well!

I was wondering, does GSC have any plans for a Ika Musume Nendoroid? She’s just so ridiculously cute that she seems perfect for the line! With the anime getting a second season, it’d be great to get a figure of her.
Thanks for your time!

   - elrunethe2nd

I agree, Ika-chan is absolutely adorable! I’m so glad to see that people outside of Japan can appreciate her cuteness just as much!

Phat! Company is currently working on an Ika-chan Nendoroid!
She’ll be announced officially soon, so keep an eye out!

I love reading your blog every weekday!
Just wondering – there hasn’t been any official announcement, but have the Nendoroids of Amagami’s Haruka Morishima and Ai Nanasaki been cancelled? ;_;

I would really like to see them on my shelf! I hope they’re still on their way!

   - Zeroshishi

Don’t worry, they’re still coming!
I’m sorry you’ve had to wait so long!

They are in fact scheduled to be upped on the GSC site very soon! Watch out on the blog and the official site!

I absolutely love the cute Nendoroid series! I have loads displayed on my shelf to calm me down after a busy day – they’re perfect at the moment to calm me down after tests and reports. :P

I’m mailing today with my first ever product request for GSC – which is the characters from ‘Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa mada Shiranai’. I absolutely loved the anime, and would love to see some Nendoroids from it – I want to see all the ‘Peace Busters’ as Nendoroids. :D If a full Nendoroid is impossible, maybe even just Nendo Petites like the Bakemonogatari or Angel Beats ones!

   - Moku

You’re in luck!


Nendoroid Menma is coming soon!

This was the first display of the Nendoroid on display at the ANOHANA FES. which took place the other day at Chichibu Muse Park! There was a queue just to take a look at the figure – I can’t wait to get a look at it myself! :P

I look forward to your blog everyday! I love it! I’ve been waiting for the male characters in the Nendo Petite Fate/stay night Extension set for ages! A big thanks to everyone at Good Smile Company.

I was waiting for so long hoping to see the other characters! I can’t wait for my Archer and Lancer!

   - Anonymous

I’m glad we could be of service!

Not long ago, Nendoroid Date Masamune was released and I forgot to get my preorder in… orz.
Any hopes for a resale?

   - Anonymous


I can’t say for sure at the moment… but I think you can look forward to the future!

figma Homura Akemi comes with extra braided hair parts, and on the prototype the ribbon for this hair was the one for her school uniform. When she transforms, the ribbon changes – is there any chance that will be fixed for the release?

   - Anonymous

You may already have heard, but this is being fixed!
Some others have already pointed it out for us! Thank you!

More information can be found in Japanese over at the figma blog, take a look if you’re interested:

Snow Miku is super cute and looks really great in my figure display case! The ice-tray that came with it just won’t make good ice for me though! The leek in particular just never comes out right! (´・ω・`) Are there any special tips for using it?

   - Anonymous

The leek is really difficult!!

The basics are to take it out as slowly as possible, using something like a toothpick to pry it out carefully. All the parts besides the leek can be heated on the reverse side to get them out a bit easier as well – I did make a blog about the ice tray some time back, do take a look at that!

I enjoy your blog each and everyday!! I’m currently a first year high school female student and I’m looking into possible employment for the future. I’ve become quite interested in getting work as a sculptor! What exactly should one do to get into the working world of sculptors? Is there anything I should be doing from now?

   -Nekomi mi

A high school student… and a girl at that!

I do my best to respond as best I can to any questions from fellow girls!

I went to have a talk with the 1/8th scale BRS Series sculptor, Akeji!


A sculptor doesn’t need ant special license or anything, and there are many ways you can end up getting work as a sculptor. All the sculptors I know have all come from different employment and educational backgrounds – it’s quite interesting to hear about them sometimes.As a high-school student you should try to get into club activities or circles that work together doing things like sculpting. Attend events and activities that involve the sculpting scene, and try to find try-outs that figure makers are holding to get your work considered.

I myself only reached the decision to take on this profession very late (around the age of 25). Ever since I’ve been making figures 365 days a year and given up most of my normal human life. ^^;

Oooh! 365 days a year! That’s impressive!! :P

But on a serious note, it shows that you have to be serious to work as a sculptor – it’s not an easy job by any means! But as a high-school student you have unlimited possibilities at the moment, if you still want to be a sculptor in a few years I’m sure you can make it happen!

I really enjoy working with very fine details on things, and was thinking of looking for work in the figure industry in the future. However, I can’t draw at all, and I hear that 3D figure modelling is much more important nowadays.

Can someone who cannot draw at all still find work in the figure industry?

   - Anonymous

Another industry question!

I saw the word ‘3D’, so now we’ll ask our 3D expert Takanon for some answers!


Of course you can! I do think that people who can draw well do have an advantage when sculpting figures. Drawing things and figure making join at two very important points, which are the ability to observe and  the ability to image things. You need to take a good look at the image things will be based off and take note of all the details, and then image how the figure will look in your mind and work out how to make that real! Both drawing and 3D modelling is basically repetition of these processes, along with making small fixes here and there until the final product is complete.When I was in university, I remember watching an educational program that taught me this: When you’re half way through, take a photo and get the opinions of some others – this is exactly how sculpting the the real world works. The rest is just having fun while sculpting! It was nice to think about this from my side as well – thanks for the question!


The ability to observe and to image things!

When you think about it, it really is logical, but hearing it from someone in the industry really makes it official!! :P I also asked some other sculptors about this, and a lot of them mentioned picturing still images at different angles in their minds while working on sculpting – I think the ability to draw does definitely come in handy, but it’s not necessary!

Ah! I finally got my hands on some Nendoroid Petites! It was so hard to find them in my prefecture, so I had to go to the next prefecture to find some! (By the way, I’m a 6th year primary school student.)

   - ‘(`・ω・´Momonya´・ω・`) Sanwaribiki

Don’t tell your parents you’re reading this blog! :P

I’ve really started to enjoy figures as of recent. I’ve always been a fan of things like soft vinyl figures and models since I was young, and now thanks to Nendoroids and figmas I’ve started to really like action figures as well.

I’ve been wanting to go to WonFes for awhile now, but I’m not sure if it’s the kind of place for me – I hesitate every time it comes around. When I see it on the news I always see there are a load of guys and not very many other girls… and most girls that are there are very young. In my case, I have a child already in primary school. He is also starting to show interest in models and figures now, so I was thinking that next year I might go along with him to the event.

Are primary school students allowed to join in at WonFes? How about older ladies like myself?

   - Burakki

I’m glad to see people of all ages reading the blog!
From primary school students to wonderful people like yourself!

As far as your question goes – you yourself are of course welcome at WonFes! There are definitely a lot of guys, but there have been more and more girls coming to the event as well recently! It’s great fun, even if you’re just there to look around at the event!!

Although, I can’t really say seen the event isn’t a GSC only event – the official website does mention that primary school students will get in for fee, so I don’t think there will be a problem at all. If you’d like more confirmation, feel free to contact Kaiyodo!

MEIKO is the #1 twenty-year old idol, and I finally get to have a Nendoroid of her! I knew Good Smile wouldn’t let me down!
She comes with so many great parts, I can’t wait to display her with KAITO! Thank you so much!

   - Toki Sakurai

I’m so glad that you’re so happy!

Hearing words like that make it easy to work harder and harder for the fans! Thanks from my side as well!

This year I found out about Mikatan Blog and started reading it for the first time.  On the top page you have the picture of all the Nendoroids and figures surrounding your computer and I thought it looked really nice – I always kept my figures in boxes, seen they still look cute like that, and it keeps them nice and safe…

But seeing how you had them displayed really made me want to take them out and display them – they might get a little damaged, but that just shows my love for them! Here’s hoping for more twin-tailed girls soon! (Madoka is so cute!)

   - yun (21 year old company employee/female!)

Another mail that brings a smile to my face! Thanks!

When you play around with Nendoroids a bit you can really have a lot more fun with them! They’re also a nice small size perfect for putting on a desk to keep you company during the day!

I absolutely love any figures… I still remember the day I first held one. I just wish I could explain how wonderful they are to more and more people!

I’m normally just a roamer on the blog, but when I saw Sonic I had to send a mail through! I want to know more about that Sonic Nendoroid!!
As I saw him my eyes must have jumped out their sockets! Is it to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sonic? Will we see any other characters!?

   - Anonymous

Nendoroid Sonic was announced at WonFes!

The details behind the figure from Akiyama-san, who was in charge:

   / ̄ ̄\
 / .ー  ー \  ← Akiyama
|  (●) (●) |
|   (__人__)|   ”Firstly there is the 20th anniversary,
|   `i  i´  |    but we also wanted to expand the genres of
|   . `⌒   }     Nendoroids. We want more and more people
 ヽ       }      to find out about the wonders of Nendoroids!”
  ヽ     ノ
 /      ヽ

There is no word as to whether the other characters will be coming, but in the meantime you can look forward to sonic!

From this summer, I am the store manager of Yanrei Records on the 6th floor of BOXHILL Matsudo.I read your blog every day and love to see what GSC is to!

I’m sending this mail to let you know that I’m doing all I can to advertise ClariS’s new single with the Nendoroid Theme song! A lot of customers have been very happy to see the Nendoroid song on the single! I know you must be busy, but do come along to the store some time and take a look around!

   - Anonymous

Thank you for everything!

I was actually well aware of the effort put into adverting the single – I’ve seen it for myself, so thank you very much! I’ll be back to the store again soon, I promise!

Hello! I’m a frequent reader that really enjoys the blog! I’m mailing regarding the Nendoroid Yune that will be released next year – will her expressions be exchangeable with other Nendoroids like Miku? You didn’t seem to mention it on the blog, so I decided I had to find out for myself. Thanks for reading, and I hope for a reply!

   -  Verl

She does have exchangeable expressions!

However, she is still in the process of being mass-produced, which can change things – so no promises just yet!

Not long ago you showed us the 1/8th scale Kurisu Makise figure – but there is something I just have to see. Is it possible for you to put Lat-type Miku’s glasses on her? I’d love to see a photo of that up on the blog. I think it’ll recreate the Kurisu from the OP theme CD jacket of the anime!


OK! I’ll give it a go!


Ooh! It really does look cute on her!

This was done on the prototype figure by the way, so I can’t say for sure if it’ll work the same on the final product! I also had to cut the glasses a little shorter to fit onto her neatly! But it does look really nice!

I really enjoyed the blog about the Tokyo Game Show! ♪
You also got an amazing shot of the Kurohyou girls! (I just had to tell you that!)

Whenever I see a group of guys taking photos of something in Akiba I can’t help but think it’s nothing but trouble! But if something there is cute, all you need to courage and strength to get there!


   - Modoki Yachiyo

Yep… being surrounded by all those guys trying to take photos is such a mission!
But if it is for the cute or the sexy, it’s all worth it!

Are Nendoroid Sayaka and Kyouko coming?!

   - Anonymous

Time to spill the beans…
They are in the works!

That brings the 55th Kuroyagi-san’s letter corner to an end!
Thanks to everyone who sent in mail!
I make sure to read each and every mail I receive!

As always, I’m always looking for more mail from readers! I promise to read it, and swear I won’t eat it! :P
If you have any questions, photos, product requests, want to talk about what you ate today, your worries for the last 3 months this year… no matter what you want to talk about, send it through to me! Girls and boys both welcome!

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(゚∀゚)Mikatan Mail:

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at some of the wonderful photos sent in!