Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner! Cherry Blossom Special #1! (No. 50)

Spring has sprung!

          ;ヾ ;ヾ ;”;ヾ;”  ;ヾ ;ヾ ;
        ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”;ヾ;ヾ ‘;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ
       ;ヾ.;ヾ ‘;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ ‘;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”゙
    ””ヾ゙;ヾ〃;ヾ ;ヾ゙;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”〃ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ
  ”‘;ヾ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;//;ヾ;ヾ〃゙;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ”
   ”””;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ” ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ”
  ””ヾ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ゙;ヾ〃ミヾ ;ヾ゙;ヾ ;ヾ 〃;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ
     ;ヾ ;ヾ 〃;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”
     “” ;ヾ ;ヾ゙ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ”゙ “iヾ;ヾ;ヾ” ゙ヾ;ヾ;ヾ”
        ””   ‘ヾ;ヾ” || l | ゙|/;ヾ”     ”
             ”   |l i  l゙l|
,,,,   “,,,,” ,,, ” ∧ ∧ ,,, |l | ゙ || ” ,, ”  ” ,,
         ( ゚Д゚)∬ ノノ 从ヾ ヽ、   ,,, ”
 ” ` ` / @(_)旦.   /
     /         /    ””     ””
      ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

The cherry blossoms are here!

Here is Matsudo the blossoms have already bloomed and started scattering all over, but I’m sure there are still other places around Japan where they have not yet bloomed. It reminds me that no matter what happens to the world each day, there are some things that will always continue to happen, no matter the circumstances.

We now move on to a post that just has to come along every year now…
Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner – Cherry Blossom Ver.!

Today I’ll be posting as many of the photos that I can… up until the ones I received after April 12th – Thanks to everyone who sent in photos!

To everyone taking outdoor photos, remember to look out for nature!
I’m sure you’re all as careful as possible… but just be sure not to harm and flowers or trees while taking outdoor pictures!

The other day I went to view the cherry blossoms at our local temple with Nendoroid Date Masamune!
See him proudly riding his favorite steed! The Alpaca really seems to suit scenes with cherry blossoms, and placing Date on him just seemed like the ideal match! :P

   - Kuraki

It really suits the scene perfectly!

The Alpaca’s unwavering gaze staring straight ahead is also really cute. :P

Yesterday I went with some friends to a botanical garden in Shanghai to view the cherry blossoms!
It was the first time I’d ever seen real cherry blossoms, so it was a wonderful experience! (>▽<)
A lot of Japanese people were around singing songs and playing the guitar, it was a really nice atmosphere!
Don’t lose to the earthquake and tsunami! Japan will get through this!
I’ve been studying Japanese for about half a year, but I’m still learning, sorry! (。-_-。 )

   - Oni

A message from overseas!
And what an incredible picture!
It seems to suit Shinobu so well – almost like it should be on a postcard! I love it!

I went out viewing the cherry blossoms with Kiririn-shi!
When she got all upset and said she wanted to get a close look I put her up in the branches!

   - Kaiten Kaiku

A peace sign for the cherry blossoms! Cute!
And wow… as expected, Kiririn looks great in maid clothes… :P

This time I’ve decided to take a photo with Nendo Arch-Bishop!
You hardly ever see her in photos, yet she is one of my favorites! I took a picture of her holding some blossoms as the sun sets!

   - Reverse

Sunset and cherry blossoms!!
I get a load of pictures in broad daylight and quite a few late at night, but hardly any at sunset! The picture has a kind of sad feeling to it, but the fact that it makes me feel that way shows it’s a great picture!

This is my first contribution to the blog. m(_ _)m
Yesterday I went out and took some cherry blossom photos with Nendo Miku, so I thought I’d send them in. Feel free to use them!

    – Koyobi

I will be happy to use them!
It may be your first contribution, but I certainly hope it won’t be your last!

It really is the perfect weather for going out to see the cherry blossoms at the moment!
I decided I had to head to the temple near my house and get some pictures to send along to you!

The Literature Girl would probably be out eating cherry blossoms over books on beautiful days like this one!

    – Zeroichi

She seems to be enjoying those blossoms!
Making use of Tooko-senpai’s book eating parts and sitting parts makes this a very convincing picture! The composition is also stunning!

This year’s Sakura are really beautiful… and it seems Kiririn agrees! (・∀・)ノ

    – Saigo Attack

A perfect scene for the ‘moe’ face!

She is completely enthralled by the cherry blossoms! Cute!

I decided to show this years cherry blossoms to Christina, who just recently got back from a long stay overseas.

    – Kurono Tenshi

Christina!!! (*゚∀゚)

I think a lot of people are starting to find out how much I love Steins;Gate…
Nendoroid Christina and Nendoroid Mayuri are both up for preorder at the moment!

When you think of cherry blossoms you think of Japan! When you think of Japan, you think of kimonos! Therefore the best figure I had for this just had to be Shiki!

Normally people associate cherry blossoms with pink, but these white blossoms are just as beautiful.

   - Ringo

That really is a beautiful scene…!!
That Shiki figure really is a stunning piece of art… it was released quite a long time ago, but it’s still one of my favorites.

I went out to get some pictures of the cherry blossoms in full bloom the other day. I hope you find it cute!

    – Jyakogan


It’s super cute! :P
The contrast between the pink blossoms and the black Dead Master is very nice!

I went out to view the blossoms with my family, and had my child hold Miku for some photos… I’m a terrible parent, aren’t I? (^^;

    – I~deru

Make sure to teach you child to love Miku-san!
Taking a Nendoroid to view flowers with your family… how nice!

Cherry blossoms with Jiei-tan!

    – Chiiton

… glasses and sailor outfit!? Jiei-tan!?
When you change the body it really gives a completely different feeling to the figure…
Could this feeling be… love…?

The weather was nice so I decided to head out for some cherry blossom viewing with Mugi-chan. Girls like her always love eating some dango while watching the blossoms fall!

    – Hadotokei

She looks so happy!
When I see her with an expression like that I just want to give her more and more dango to eat! :P

I went out to do some cherry blossom viewing with my Nendoroids and decided to pass the pictures on to you.
I get the feeling that the hungry Saber is planning something…

   -  Nameless Mob

That’s not food!!! xD

The expression suits the scene so perfectly!!

I took some photos of the cherry blossoms with Miku at a park near my house!

   - Tokiha Majirou

Miku sings beneath the blooming blossoms!
I think if Miku sings for the blossoms they will bloom for longer… ^^

The cherry blossoms are blooming so I headed out to a riverbank with Snow Miku in search of Spring.
They really had only just started blooming, but Miku was really exited to see the start of Spring, as if she herself were just blooming!
She also told me “I need to go back to the land of snow, but wish everyone well for the rest of the year!”

   - Kirino

She really does look exited about Spring!
One of the things about the changing seasons in Japan is that you can really see the change in colors when the seasons change! I think that’s great!

I went out to see the cherry blossoms with Yutaka-chan♪
As always they were a stunning sight to see! ♪
It made me feel all warm and happy inside! ♪

   - Shaiko

Her pink hair mixes with the blossoms so nicely!

I can’t decide which I would rather look at… the beautiful blossoms or the adorable Yuraka! :P

I went out to view the blossoms at Ueno Park with Nadeko yesterday.
I wanted to try and get both Nadeko and the blossoms  to come out nicely but it didn’t come out too well, so I just sent my photo of Nadeko and a blurry image of the blossoms behind her. Enjoy!

   - Kaeru Majin @ Nadeko is my waifu


You can tell they are cherry blossoms!
Nadeko usually has an Autumn feeling about her, so it’s nice to see a change to Spring once in awhile!

My first ever outdoor Nendoroid photography!
There photos were taken at a place called Kinchakuda, where the Cosmos flowers are absolutely stunning in Autumn. (●´ω`●)
But of course in Spring the cherry blossoms are just as beautiful, so I went out with my mother, sister and Nendo Reimu to enjoy them!

   - Mio Hare

Reimu looks more relaxed than ever!
Cherry blossoms and Reimu really do suit each other very nicely, and that expression just completes the effect!

I took some cherry blossom pictures, and here they are!
There were taken on the 10th April when I went out with Octo-Luka. At the time only about half the blossoms had bloomed. I’ll be sure to come back for more pictures when they are in full bloom!

   - Minatsuki Wanko

Is she… camouflaging?
Nah, I can tell that’s Octo-Luka! Your disguise has failed this time! ^^

The cherry blossoms seemed like they were going to be late this year, and then suddenly bloomed.
I took my favorite Nendoroid Precia out with me to a nearby park to view the blossoms, I sat down on a bench nearby and before I could enjoy the blossoms I saw a couple flirting with each other.

Just then I looked up and heard “What’s the matter?”, as Precia saw me looking a little upset.

At least, that’s what I imagined when I took this photo!

   - Spin

With the photo there it’s like it really did happen!

Nendoroid Date Masamune was just recently released and so I decide to take some pictures with him and the cherry blossoms. It’s my first attempt at outdoor Nendoroid photography. The eyepatch is an extra I did by myself.

The blossoms were only half blooming, unfortunately.

   - Gura


You don’t see him smiling like that often!
I love seeing people customize their figures with things like eyepatches – it really shows your love for the figures!! I hope you’ll try taking more photos outdoors for next time!

“Bato-san! Blossoms! Blossoms!”
This was taken in the crowds over in Arashiyama!

   - Koorogi Akino


Super cute Tachikoma!

As I read that above quote, I literally heard it in a Tachikoma voice in my head :P
It almost looks like he is reaching out to grab one of the blossoms!

That brings us to an the end of today’s letter corner!
Thanks to all who sent in pictures or mail!

I’m sorry I didn’t up every single picture, but I may add yours in the next letter corner!

As always, I’m always looking for for mail! I promise I’ll read it – so if you have any questions, photos you want to share, product requests, want to discuss your dinner or even want to discuss the May blues… then feel free to send me a mail!

(゚∀゚) Mika-tan mail:

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      /  ─    ─ \      ”Boys and Girls are both welcome!”
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 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、 | |_________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

I’ll have another cherry blossom special on the 28th!
If you still have some cherry blossoms around you, take a picture of them with your favorite figure and send it in!

That’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!  (・∀・)ノ゛